Provost Briefs

HEOP/AOP Programs

We have reviewed and made offers of admission to potential HEOP candidates to build a class of 24 for summer and fall of 2013 to maintain an HEOP population of 68. 2012-2013 HEOP/AOP budget are completed and submitted to NY Dept of Education. Department of Education has increased HEOP funding to $362,351.00, close to the 2008 levels before SED cuts. The New York State Department of Education has also secured additional funding in the recent State budget that will be distributed to all HEOP programs. The amount has not yet been finalized by the Department of Education for individual programs. Retention rate is currently at 86% for the HEOP/AOP program overall. For the first year HEOP class for fall term, 12 of 20 HEOP students achieved at 3.0 or greater. The highest GPA is 3.94 and the lowest was at 2.2. There were no AOP students admitted for 2012-2013.


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