Provost Briefs

Global Education

Tom D’Agostino conducted site visits in London, England; Prague, Czech Republic; and Rome; Italy. Scott McKinney participated in the London and Prague visits and also visited Budapest with Amy Teel. Amy also conducted site visits in Carmarthen and Lampeter, Wales and Rennes, France. Les Friedman visited the University of East Anglia, our partner institution in Norwich, England where we send a large number of Media and Society students. For the first time we held our “Away Café” event (open mic night for storytelling) downtown and included members of the community. The event was arranged as a “story slam” in which participants were judged and awards given out for the best stories told. In February Tom and Doug offered a “Digital Storytelling Workshop” on campus for HWS students who have returned from abroad or are preparing to go abroad. Tom and Doug were invited to co-facilitate a day-long Digital Storytelling workshop in November 2013 at the annual meeting of the Council of Educational Exchange (CIEE). The CGE hosted a weekend retreat for members of our North India Consortium (HWS, Hamilton, St. Lawrence), including faculty, staff and students from each institution.



Preparing Students to Lead Lives of Consequence.