Provost Briefs

Dance Department

For the fall of 2012, Cynthia Williams organized a spectacular, grant-supported residency with Abraham In Motion Dance Company at HWS and community events for social justice. In 2013, the Dance Department hosts three events for dance professionals: 1) an Integrated Movement Studies (IMS) workshop on campus January 3-6, organized and taught by Professor Cadence Whittier and Janice Meaden, IMS faculty; 2) Professor Cynthia Williams is co-hosting an international somatics teaching conference with Bill Evans at SUNY Brockport June 20-23, all full-time members of the Dance Department will be presenting at the conference, and Davenport, Iklé, and Whittier will also be performing in the concerts; and 3) Professor Donna Davenport has offered HWS as a site for the New York State Dance Education Association (NYSDEA) summer meeting on August 7, which will include an improvisation session for local musicians and dancers.

In addition, the Department boasts an unprecedented yield for Dance Arts Scholars this fall and a ballet ensemble choreographed by guest artist, Kathy Diehl, comprising 10 Arts Scholars. The year ends with a performance and dance study tour to the American College Dance Festival (ACDF) and the largest number of senior choreographers in concert in HWS history on April 5 and 6. The Department is also excited to have enhanced its global dance studies curriculum with two new courses and to present two dance concerts in spring 2013 as part of the institution’s Women Studies 40th Anniversary celebration.



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