The Provost's E-Newsletter

Chemistry Department

The chemistry department faculty currently have more than $2 million in external funding that supports our research programs (NSF-RUI, NIH-AREA, Research Corporation, ACS-PRF), curriculum development (NSF-TUES), and infrastructure improvement (NSF-ARIP). These funds allowed faculty to maintain their active research programs that provided research opportunities for over 30 undergraduate students this past year (academic year + summer), have supported the creation of a new collaboration between chemists and biologists that models the drug discovery process (anti-cancer agents) in the organic chemistry II and cell biology labs, and have helped modernize the research spaces. Our faculty actively publish their work, often with our undergraduate students, in high impact chemistry journals; recent examples include from the past 2 years include: Journal of Chemical Physics, Journal of Organic Chemistry, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, and Tetrahedron. Finally, our faculty regularly present their work, again often with our undergraduate students, at national conferences all over the country; recent examples from the past two years include American Chemical Society National Meetings (New Orleans, San Diego, Anaheim), Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry meetings (Orlando and Atlanta), and National Organic Symposium meetings (Princeton and Seattle, forthcoming in June).


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