Provost Briefs


Each year between five and seven graduating students choose the Aesthetics Program minor. This year’s seven graduating seniors will include students with majors in Psychology, English, Art, Political Science, and Philosophy. True to our exciting interdisciplinarity, they have chosen courses across the full range of possible art forms, including Theater, Film, Art, Creative Writing, Music, and Dance. In the last few weeks, several new students have declared an Aesthetics minor, also using a wide variety of art forms. They are delighted at this opportunity to engage their artistic interests and to see connections between them. The presence of the diverse body of students who come together each fall to take the core course, Aesthetics (Philosophy 230), is important evidence of the power of the arts to bring us together. Last September, a student responded to Carol Oberbrunner’s opening question, which was “What is the purpose of art?” The student’s quiet and utterly memorable response was: “They keep us sane.”


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