The Global Initiative on Disability (GID)

The Global Initiative on Disability

Solome Rose in India, meeting with colleagues from the SATTHI
(Solidarity and Action against the HIV Infection in India)

The Global Initiative on Disability (GID) is an initiative at Hobart and William Smith Colleges that aims to promote awareness, knowledge, and efforts surrounding disability on a global level. Through research, international service trips , speaker series, etc., GID will be a resource to educate others about disability. Through research and various programs the Global Initiative on Disability will advocate for the inclusion and protection of the rights of individuals with disabilities.

The initial work of this initiative will include a focus on China. Research is underway about disability services and professional development in the field of disability in China. A student service trip to China is being planned for 2015. Films about disability in China will also be shown throughout the academic year. 

Based on the initial work that focuses on China, the Global Initiative on Disability will work to develop and disseminate a better understanding of disability issues around the world. This initiative will explore issues of disability, broadly defined, to raise awareness and the voices of groups that are the most marginalized in society.

About GID

Staff: Solome Rose, M.P.P.

In addition to her work at the Global Initiative on Disability (GID), Solome Rose is the first Global and Community Leadership Fellow at the Centennial Center for Leadership (CCL). Solome completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Virginia, majoring in foreign affairs and African American studies, in 2008. She then completed a master's degree in public policy at George Mason University. She has worked with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and Africa Action in Washington, D.C., and the Carter G. Woodson Institute for African American Studies in Virginia. With extensive knowledge of human rights issues as well as a variety of policy experiences, Solome's work at CCL is focused on developing new global and community leadership programs. She brings with her to GID extensive experience working with international NGOs, including in the field of HIV/AIDS.

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