January 2017

Faculty Committees and Subcommittees

I. Executive Committee

Beth Kinne, Presiding Officer
Tom Drennen, Chair, COFAC
Mark Deutschlander, Chair, COAA
Erin Pelkey, Chair, COTAP Review I/III
Betty Bayer, Co-Chair, COTAP Review II
Michael Dobkowski, Co-Chair, COTAP Review II
Steve Penn, Chair, COS
Charity Lofthouse, Chair, Committee on Committees
Joe Rusinko, representative of the untenured faculty (Spring)

II. Committee on the Faculty

Tom Drennen, Chair
Stina Bridgeman
Jim MaKinster
Mark Olivieri
Nick Metz
Ex officio: Mark Gearan, President; Titilayo Ufomata, Provost and Dean of Faculty

  • A. Committee on Faculty Research and Honors
    Mark Olivieri
    Cheryl Forbes
    Lisa Patti
  • B. Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice
    Jim MaKinster
    Whitney Mauer
    Jason Rodriguez
    Melissa Autumn White
    Ex officio: Alejandra Molina, Sonya Williams, Solome Rose
  • C. Committee on Faculty Salary and Compensation
    Stine Bridgeman
    Rob Carson
    David Finkelstein
  • D. Library Committee
    Vince Boisselle, Chair
    Sara Greenleaf
    Paul Kehle
    Judith McKinney
    Lisa Patti
    Maggie Werner

III. Committee on Committees

Charity Lofthouse, Chair
Brad Cosentino
Cadence Whittier

IV. Committee on Tenure and Promotion for Review II

Betty Bayer, Co-chair
Michael Dobkowski, Co-Chair
Rob Carson, Chair Elect
Tara Curtin
Jodi Dean
Jonathan Forde

V. Committee on Tenure and Promotion for Review I/III

Erin Pelkey, Chair
Pat Collins
Kanate Dahouda
David Eck
Renee Monson
Nick Ruth

VI. Committee on Academic Affairs

Mark Deutschlander, Chair
Christine de Denus, Chair Elect
Sal Kafrawi
Eric Barnes
Neville Hyllegard (H)
Thayer Kennedy (WS)
Ex officio: DeWayne Lucas, Associate Dean of Faculty; Catherine Gallouet, Dean, William Smith; Eugen Baer, Dean, Hobart; Peter Sarratori, Registrar

  • A. Committee on Honors
    Kristy Kenyon, Chair
    Sal Kafrawi
    Alysia Kaplan
    Jessica Hayes-Conroy
  • B. Committee on Individual Majors
    Cynthia Williams, Chair
    Christine deDenus
    Judith McKinney
    Michelle Rizzella
    Ex officio: Valerie Gunter, David Mapstone, Linda Radin
  • C. Committee on Athletics
    Eric Barnes
    Joseph Rusinko
    Christine deDenus
    Steve Penn
    Ex officio: Lisa Kaenzig, David Mapstone, Michael Hanna, Deb Steward, Robb Flowers, Timothy Riskie, Brian Miller, Sandra Chu
  • D. Committee on Global Education
    Fernando Rodriguez-Mansilla, Chair
    Jeff Anderson
    Mark Deutschlander
    Jack Harris
    Nick Ruth
    Ex officio: Tom D’Agostino, Chip Capraro, Catherine Gallouet, Amy Teel
  • E. Committee on Admission and Retention
    Mark Deutschlander, Chair
    Cliff Hood
    Mark Olivieri
    Linda Robertson
    Ex officio: Eugen Baer, Catherine Gallouet, Bob Murphy John Young, Gina Kane, Bill Warder
  • F. WEC Advisory Committee
    Hannah Dickinson, Chair
    Elizabeth Belanger
    Juliet Boisselle
    Stina Bridgeman
    Christine de Denus
    Susan Hess
    Virginia Mansfield-Richardson

VII. Joint CoAA/CoFac Subcommittees:

  • A. Information Technology (Standing Subcommittee)
    Charity Lofthouse, Chair
    Eric Barnes
    Nick Metz
    Josh Newby
    Elizabeth Belanger
    Ex officio: Fred Damiano, Juliette Boiselle, Virginia Mansfiled-Richardson

VIII. Committee on Standards

Steve Penn, Chair
Kendra Freeman
Alla Ivanchikova
Ex officio: Titilayo Ufomata, Provost and Dean of Faculty, Valerie Gunter, William Smith, Chip Capraro, Hobart, Peter Sarratori, Registrar

IX. Grievance Committee





Mark Olivieri
Lisa Patti
Ted Allen
Brad Cosentino
Jeff Anderson
Felipe Rezende

Brad Cosentino
Gabriella D’Angelo
Mark Olivieri
Lisa Patti
Ted Allen
Felipe Rezende
Jeff Anderson

Carol Critchlow
Patricia Mowery
Christina Houseworth
Jodi Dean
Laurence Erussard
John Krummel
Sigrid Carle

Etin Anwar
Michael Tinkler
Joseph Mink
David Ost
Emily Fisher
Patricia Mowery
Fernando Rodriguez-Mansilla

X. Ombudspersons

Kevin Dunn, Laurence Erussard, Leah Himmelhoch, Steven Lee

XI. Institutional Review Board

David Craig, Chair
Dave Finkelstein
Emily Fisher
Amy Hickey
DeWayne Lucas
Audrey Roberson
Michael Siembor
Jim Sutton
Roberta Truscello

XII. Buildings and Grounds

Secretary of the Faculty: Joshua Newby
Parliamentarian: Ted Allen
Faculty Marshall: Beth Kinne
Friday Lunch Coordinators: Nick Metz and Yan Hao


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