July 2017

Faculty Committees and Subcommittees

I. Executive Committee

Scott Brophy, Presiding Officer
Tom Drennen, Chair, COFAC
Christine de Denus, Chair, COAA
Erin Pelkey, Chair, COTAP Review I/III
Rob Carson, Chair, COTAP Review II
Steve Penn, Chair, COS
Charity Lofthouse, Chair, Committee on Committees
Joe Rusinko, representative of the untenured faculty (Fall)

II. Committee on the Faculty

Tom Drennen, Chair
David Galloway, Chair Elect
Stina Bridgeman
Bob Cowles
Vikash Yadav
Ex officio: Gregory Vincent, President; Nan Arens, Senior Dean of Faculty

III. Committee on Committees

Charity Lofthouse, Chair
Brad Cosentino
Christina Houseworth

IV. Committee on Tenure and Promotion for Review II

Rob Carson, Chair
Tara Curtin
Khuram Hussain
Kristy Kenyon
David Ost
Charlie Temple

V. Committee on Tenure and Promotion for Review I/III

Erin Pelkey, Chair
Sigrid Carle 
Kanate Dahouda
David Eck
Renee Monson
Nick Ruth

VI. Committee on Academic Affairs

Christine de Denus, Chair
Laurence Erussard
Dave Finkelstein
Sal Kafrawi
Ex officio: DeWayne Lucas, Interim Provost; Lisa Kaenzig, Dean, William Smith; Eugen Baer, Dean, Hobart; Peter Sarratori, Registrar

VIII. Committee on Standards

Steve Penn, Chair
Leslie Hebb
Alla Ivanchikova
Ex officio: DeWayne Lucas, Interim Provost; Virginia Mansfield-Richardson, William Smith; Chip Capraro, Hobart; Peter Sarratori, Registrar

X. Ombudspersons

Laurence Erussard, Leah Himmelhoch

XI. Institutional Review Board

David Craig, Chair
Dave Finkelstein
Emily Fisher
Amy Hickey
DeWayne Lucas
Audrey Roberson
Michael Siembor
Jim Sutton

Secretary of the Faculty: Joshua Newby
Parliamentarian: Ted Allen
Faculty Marshall: Scott Brophy
Friday Lunch Coordinators: Yan Hao and Leslie Hebb


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