Job Title: Research Assistant


Fall 2013
Total Positions Available
Job Location
Media and Society, Demarest Hall
Leah Shafer, Assistant Professor
Other Timesheet Designee
$7.65 per hour
Start Date
End Date
December 20, 2013
Hours Per Week


Serving as a Research Assistant involves completing basic library research tasks, helping with administrative tasks (including filing and event promotions) and ideally providing technical assistance to the faculty member for video editing, website management and other media-related tasks. The Research Assistant will be responsible for finding sources, managing bibliographies, and getting things from ILL. They will also perform administrative tasks such as filing, alphabetizing, and publicizing events.

Special Skills Needed:

The ideal candidate will be familiar with WordPress, iMovie and InDesign.



Step 1:

Please email a brief cover letter and resume to shafer@hws.edu for consideration. Selected candidates will be interviewed.

Step 2:

Students must be authorized to work any job on campus by completing the Form I-9 and tax withholding forms. Please contact Human Resources at ext. 3312 or by email jhughes@hws.edu to ensure that your forms are complete.

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