In the event that the employee is no longer actively employed or loses benefits-eligibility, tuition assistance under any and all of the above programs will be continued as follows:

Death of the employee - tuition remission for eligible dependents of employees with more than fifteen years of service will continue after the death of the employee until the eligible dependent reaches age 25. Eligibility will be determined according to the policies above except that dependent status will be understood as dependent status as of the time of the death of the employee, not the time of the request for Tuition Remission. All other eligibility requirements described above (for example, as appropriate: age, number of eligible dependents per family, marital status, educational achievement ) are unchanged and are evaluated of the time of application for tuition assistance. For dependents of employees with fifteen or fewer years of service at the time of death, tuition remission for dependents will cease as of the end of the approved tuition period (academic year, term semester, course) in which death occurs. Tuition grant payments and tuition exchange for dependents of all employees cease as of the end of the approved tuition period. For spouses and domestic partners of deceased employees, all tuition assistance stop as of the end of the approved tuition period.

Voluntary termination or discharge for misconduct. - tuition assistance will stop as of the date of termination of employment. In the case of tuition grant or tuition exchange already paid to other institutions, the employee will be responsible for repaying the tuition assistance provided from the date of termination through the end of the approved tuition period.

Involuntary termination or loss of benefits-eligibility - tuition assistance will stop as of the end of the approved tuition period unless specified under a separate agreement with the Colleges.


For more information about termination of tuition assistance, please contact the Office of Human Resources.



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