I ROCK Award

The Administrative Advisory Committee accepts nominations for an outstanding administrative staff to be awarded the I ROCK Award. This award program is intended to recognize outstanding administrative staff and to educate the HWS community of departmental activities and functions. The I ROCK Award is intended to acknowledge administrative staff that have demonstrated admirable qualities in the workplace and in the community. Qualities include, but are not limited to being:

  • Inspiring
  • Receptive
  • Original
  • Capable
  • Knowledgeable

Each month, one HWS administrative staff member will be chosen for the I ROCK Award to receive a small gift and acknowledgement of their hard work and dedication to the mission of the Colleges. Any administrative staff member is eligible to be nominated and can nominate themselves. Nominations must be submitted by the first Friday of each month to be considered for that month's I ROCK Award. To recognize recipients of the I ROCK Award, the AAC will distribute announcements via the campus listserves and AAC website at the end of each month.

To nominate a staff member, fill out the I ROCK Nomination Form. Don't forget, nominations are due by the first Friday of every month!

Serve on a Subcommittee

Currently, members of AAC are hard at work shepherding projects related to communicating with the HWS community, welcoming new employees, getting to know our colleagues and staff recognition. If you’d like to be involved on any of these subcommittees, please e-mail AAC@hws.edu for more information about meeting times.

Join AAC

Interested in serving on AAC? We hold elections each spring, and we're always looking for a few good members! If you're interested in learning more about running for AAC, please let us know!


2010 New Arrivals

Suzanne Willard—Admissions
James Luciano—Admissions
Caitlin Rogers—Admissions
Miranda Warder—Career Services
Jeremy Wattles—Community Engagement and Service Learning
Kelsey Lagana—Community Engagement and Service Learning
Michael Batek—Education
Janelle Toner—Hobart Athletics
John LaCrosse—Hobart Golf
Bonne DiLeo—Intercultural Affairs
Jeffrey Wetherill—IT Services
Wayne Williams—IT Services
Martha Clark—Library
Stacey Pierce—Residential Education
Darnell Pierce—Residential Education
Brandon Barile—Residential Education
Elizabeth Hutchison—Sport and Recreation Center

Know of a new staff member not on the list? Let AAC know so that they can receive an AAC Orientation Committee Welcome!


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