From The Hill to Seneca Lake, our student news team is here to keep you informed. These are the faces behind the scenes, the Hobart and William Smith students who write the articles, do the interviews and keep the Daily Update fresh and exciting. Learn more about them, and take a look at some of their favorite stories.


Robert Costello '14
Hometown: Bridgewater, Mass.
Major: English
Study Abroad: Norwich, England
Favorite DU Story: I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Christopher Howard, one of the youngest college presidents in the country, during his stop at HWS for a President's Forum Series lecture and subsequent Daily Update piece. He’s an incredible person and has a very inspiring life story with lots of advice to dole out.

Why I work in the Office of Communications: For the opportunity to hone my writing and interviewing skills. I enjoy the professional atmosphere and the opportunity to get more involved around campus.


Caitlyn D'Agati

Caitlyn D'Agati '15
Hometown: Clifton Park, N.Y.
Major: Public Policy with concentration in Health Care
Study Abroad: Carmarthen, Wales 2013
Favorite DU story: My favorite DU stories are about the remarkable alums. It is inspiring for me to discover how successful many alums have become and how their time at HWS has strongly impacted them and their careers.

Why I work in the Office of Communications: Working for communications allows me to be more involved with the HWS community while also being able to write, which is one of my favorite hobbies.


Anna Dorman

Anna Dorman '14
Hometown: Keene, N.H.
Majors: International Relations and Environmental Studies
Minors: Economics and Middle Eastern Studies
Study Abroad: Amman, Jordan
Favorite DU Story: My favorite stories are stories about new alumni who are getting to do really cool things! They are so excited and passionate about making a difference it can be really inspiring.

Why I work in the Office of Communications: As someone who loves being really involved on campus, the Communications Office is really perfect for me because it allows me to cover events that I probably would have gone to either way. I love being able to show off all of the great things that are happening here. Plus everyone is so supportive and great!


Rachel Fischer '16
Hometown: River Vale, N.J.
Major: Undeclared
Favorite DU Story: My favorite stories to work on are about our alums. It’s so interesting to see how former HWS students have all used their education to do so many different and amazing things.

Why I work in the Office of Communications: I’ve always loved writing, and being a student writer has allowed me to learn to write for an online audience. I’ve loved the experience of writing in a new setting, and being in the Office of Communications keeps me up-to-date on campus events!


Stephen Gemmiti '14
Hometown: Clifton Park, N.Y.
Major: Media and Society and Computer Science
Favorite DU Story: My favorite story for the Daily Update would have to be a two-part piece focusing on the Colleges’ Annual Oscar Party, hosted by Leah Shafer. Being an avid film fan, it was a great opportunity to attend the event and to provide some exposure for one of the campus’s more recent traditions.

Why I work in the Office of Communications: Working in the Office of Communications has provided me with the opportunity to rediscover my passion for writing and communications. My background with media was what initially enticed me to pursue a student writer position, but it was the chance to actively participate in the behind the scenes process of publicizing the Colleges that sealed the deal. My experiences with the office have been both valuable and enlightening and the plethora of diverse material to work with makes writing a consistently unexpected and engaging affair.

Meredith Groman

Meredith Groman '15
Hometown: Baldwinsville, N.Y.
Majors: English and European Studies
Study Abroad: Romania
Favorite DU Story: When I covered Zoriah's photojournalism presentation, his photos moved me powerfully and in ways I didn't expect, and I tried to convey that in my article. The best part was that I planned to attend whether or not I covered it, taking notes for the article helped me process what I was seeing and feeling.

Why I work in the Office of Communications: I've never worked in a communications setting before, but it has been a wonderful experience. I feel connected to campus happenings in a way I didn't before I started here. Plus, everyone is super friendly and caring.


Allison Kuklinski '16
Hometown: Syracuse, N.Y.
Major: Undeclared
Favorite DU Story: My favorite stories definitely have to be about the recent graduates and alums. It is amazing to write about their efforts and interesting to find outall of the unique places they have ended up.

Why I work in the Office of Communications: I work in the Office of Communications because I love writing, it is a great experience, it is a friendly environment, and because it shows me all of the great opportunities and events that HWS has to offer!

Annie Mandart

Annie Mandart '14
Hometown: Patchogue, N.Y.
Majors: Writing and Rhetoric and Women’s Studies
Favorite DU Story: Daily Update stories are great regardless of content! The pieces give me the opportunity to either learn about a club, an event, an alum, or a current student. I always learn so much through my stories!

Why I work in the Office of Communications: Communication is all around us. Working in the office gives me a chance to better my writing while communicating the stories I investigate through my words. The experience is priceless.


Amy Schenk

Amy Schenk '14
Hometown: Naples, N.Y.
Major: International Relations
Study Abroad: Costa Rica
Favorite DU Story: My favorite stories are those of professors who work with their students outside of the classroom. A field trip or an event can be more thought-provoking and inspiring than a classroom, which is really neat and beneficial for HWS students.

Why I work in the Office of Communications: Working at the Office of Communications is really great, it's a friendly and open environment and I get a chance to see what great opportunities the HWS community is bringing to its students, which I've realized is a lot more than you'd think!


Julia Yenco '16
Hometown: Queens, N.Y.
Major: Undeclared
Favorite DU Story: The best thing about writing for the Office of Communications is that I'm always learning something new about the HWS community, whether it’s about what’s happening on the HWS campus or what alums are doing after graduation.

Why I work in the Office of Communications: I work for Communications because writing is my passion and ideally when I graduate from HWS this would be the type of job I would want to attain in the workforce.


Artist, computer whiz, steady hands under pressure – it takes a lot of skills to be a top-notch photographer. Our students excel at the art and science of the photograph, bringing campus events and student activities to life. Take a look at some of their favorite photo shoots and how they feel about the office that keeps it all in focus.


Namboowa Bakiika '15
Hometown: Blackstone, Mass.
Major: Public Policy
Favorite photo shoot: OUTstanding Campaign

Why I work in the Office of Communications: I like the idea of documenting the campus happenings and allowing HWS students of the past and present to celebrate this campus.


Hannah Bishop

Hannah Bishop '15
Hometown: Linwood, N.J.
Major: Comparative Literature
Minor: Religious Studies
Favorite Photo Shoot: Any with Geneva Heroes

Why I work in the Office of Communications: It's a lot of fun and I've already learned so much, plus everyone is incredibly nice!


Max Ettenborough

Max Ettenborough '13
Hometown: Newburyport, Mass.
Major: Media and Society
Favorite Photo Shoot: I really enjoy photographing anything over at the arts campus.

Why I work in the Office of Communications: I work in the Office of Communications because I have always been interested in photography and video. When I got the opportunity to work as a photographer for the school, I jumped at it.


Sheamus O'Sullivan

Sheamus O'Sullivan '15
Hometown: Norwell, Mass.
Major: Architecture
Favorite Photo Shoot: Midnight BBQ

Why I work in the Office of Communications: This job causes me to meet and witness great individuals around campus. I would have never met them if I didn’t have it.


Cody Rivera '16
Hometown: State Island, N.Y.
Major: Architecture and Media and Society

Why I work in the Office of Communications: I work as a photographer in the Office of Communications because I always enjoyed looking at things through a different perception, so what better way to do that than with a camera? I also always found it interesting to take something, put it in a new light, and discover something you have never thought existed.


Stephanie Roback

Stephanie Roback '13
Hometown: Frankfort, N.Y.
Major: Biology
Favorite Project: Helping out with This Week in Photos (TWIP)

Why I work in the Office of Communications: Photography is a hobby of mine.


Shane Samuel

Shane Samuel '13
Majors: Political Science and Writing and Rhetoric
Hometown: Jamaica, N.Y.
Favorite Photo Shoot: My first day working at communications, when I had to shoot campus beauty. I was able to get creative and capture images to create my own stories to share with the campus.

Why I work for the Office of Communications: I work at communications because photography is something that I love to do and communications allow me to further develop the love I have for photography. And it pays off to have the opportunity to work with one of the top-ranked college photographers in the country.


Megan Soule

Megan Soule '15
Hometown: East Greenwich, R.I.
Majors: Media and Society and English
Minor: Sociology
Favorite Video: My favorite project was a short video that I made with the purpose of encouraging students to become Orientation Mentors for the Classes of 2017.

Why I work in the Office of Communications: I work in the office of communications as a student videographer. I work here because it has given me the opportunity to put my love and skills for film to use on real projects before I even graduate.


Hannah Wilber

Hannah Wilber '13
Hometown: Geneva, N.Y.
Majors: Political Science and International Relations
Minor: Studio Art
Study Abroad: South Africa S'11, Uganda & Rwanda Summer '12, Thailand Winter '12-'13
Favorite Photo Shoot: My favorite event I have covered thus far has been the Geneva Scholarship Association Celebration.

Why I work in the Office of Communications: I started working in communications because I have a passion for photography and would love to do it professionally in the future, and thought that studying under a photographer as renowned as Kevin would be the best way to get started.