The Office of Communications wants to publicize your events, accomplishments, activities and publications.

As soon as you know the details, share them with us. We can either implement a tried-and-true publicity plan or craft something unique to meet your special needs.

The first step, though, is to share your stories, events and ideas via the Submission Form.

If this is your first time working on a publicity campaign with us or if you have any questions or concerns, contact:

Cathy Williams
Vice President for Communications
E-mail: cwilliams@hws.edu
Office: 315-781-3696
Cell: 585-727-6471


Mary LeClair
Director of Communications
E-mail: mleclair@hws.edu
Office: (315) 781-3697
Home: (315) 539-3050

The Office of Communications will make every attempt to meet your expectations.


Requests from Community Members and Extended HWS Family: During the academic year, non-HWS related events require an HWS department or registered club to serve as a co-sponsoring host. The co-sponsoring host should initiate the request for services by emailing pillsbury@hws.edu or by calling ext. 3509. During the summer months, requests from community members and extended HWS family can be made directly to the Office of Conferences and Events by e-mailing Erica Cooney-Connor at econnor@hws.edu or Tammy Pillsbury at pillsbury@hws.edu, or by calling ext. 3103.

Requests for Course-Related Activities/Events: Academic courses, labs , and course-related activities/events remain under the purview of the Registrar’s Office. To view classroom utilization or to make this type of room reservation online, please use the Classroom Reservation System or contact Lorraine Heatherly at heatherly@hws.edu or ext. 3652, Registrar’s Office, Gulick Hall.

Requests from Student Groups: For any student organization, club, club sport, fraternity or any student group registered through Student Activities, all requests for space, HWS services, catering and funding remain with the Student Activities Office, located on the second floor of the Scandling Campus Center. These groups should contact Student Activities at ext. 3513 or studentactivities@hws.edu.


Graphic Standards Manual


Calendar of Events: fill out the online submission form at least four days in advance.

Daily Update: complete the online submission form at least 10 days in advance.

Photography Requests: complete the online photography request form at least two weeks in advance. If you need to speak with someone in person, call Mary LeClair at (315) 781-3697.

Faculty and Staff Poster Requests: complete a graphic design request form at least two weeks in advance. Submission of the event form is not a request for a poster.

Student Poster Requests: Students requesting a poster for student-sponsored events should contact the Office of Student Activities at ext. 3513.

Business Cards and Letterhead Requests: submit the appropriate publication request form and fax your order to the appropriate vendor.

WEOS: submit requests to weos@hws.edu at least two days in advance.

Herald: submit all queries to herald@hws.edu at least one week in advance.

Web Updates: e-mail Michael DiMauro or Megan Metz directly. Most requests for web changes are made in five days or less.

News Releases and Public Announcements