HWS DAY 2006

In his State of the Union address in January 2006, President Bush proclaimed that we are a nation addicted to oil. Like many addictions, this one has led to many destructive and unsustainable behaviors. What are our options? HWS Day this year will focus on an alternative path—a sustainable future.

This year HWS Day has been moved to coincide with Earth Week, and the celebration and education will extend well beyond April 18. All HWS Day/Earth Week events will be free and open to the public. Additionally, because classes will continue to be in session during HWS Day, the majority of the events will take place in the evening, to maximize the number of students and community members who attend. These events are not just for ecologists and other specialists, but provide a chance for a broad and multidisciplinary intellectual exchange about the issues that will shape our environment, our economy and our lives for years to come.


The Provost's Office, The Campus Greens, Hobart Student Government, William Smith Congress and The Office of Residential Education.



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