HWS DAY 2003

The first annual HWS Day, "Middle East Culture and Context," features internationally known, award-winning authors, directors, producers and filmmakers from the U.S. and Arab states, as well as faculty- and student-led activities.

"In these difficult times, it is particularly important that we provide our students and the entire local community with a foundation for understanding of the Middle East - a land of rich history and conflict," said Colleges Provost Patricia Stranahan. "We are fortunate to bring internationally renowned experts on the Middle East to Geneva, N.Y., to help us bring this area into greater focus."

In addition to the featured speakers, a variety of activities and discussion groups will take place throughout the day, hosted by faculty and students. Among these, an exhibit and discussion of Middle Eastern children's art, Arabic music, a media presentation and poster session on the area, and discussions of current events in the Middle East.




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