Communicating Chemistry: California Cuisine (C4)


"Communicating Chemistry: California Cuisine (C4)," will take place on Monday, August 11th, 2014, during the 248th Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS) in San Francisco. Student teams will prepare live, interactive presentations that convey critical topics in food chemistry in the style of popular food science television shows such as the Food Network’s “Good Eats.”


Entries should relate to the cuisine of California, interpreted broadly. Among other possibilities, entries could focus on a dish native to (or popularized in) California; ingredients important to California; or a chemical transformation that either unites the cuisine or is heavily on display throughout the cuisine.


Teams may consist of up to four students. Students must be currently enrolled at an accredited college at the date of the competition. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible. All team members must be student members of the ACS, though intent to join before the conference is acceptable.


Initial proposals consisting of a video portion and a written portion will be submitted electronically.

  1. A video (3-minute limit) should be related to the intended final presentation, and could (but does not have to) show a portion or overview of the intended final presentation.
    Extensive video editing and effects are discouraged (the video presentation should reflect the final presentation).
  2. The written component (2-page limit, single-spaced, 12 pt. font) should provide an overview and description of the team's interactive component.
    Entries must include a list of supplies and ingredients needed on a separate page.

Modest revision of presentations between the entry date and the final competition is acceptable.

*** NEW DEADLINE JUNE 18th ***

Official Rules and Regulations

Click here for the complete set of competition rules and regulations.


The competition will be held at the Art Institute of California – San Francisco, located at 1170 Market Street (at U.N. Plaza). For more information, visit the website for the Art Institute.

Tentative Schedule for August 11 Event

5:00 PM – Introductions begin

6:30 PM – Competition ends; adjourn to a nearby restaurant to enjoy local fare and learn the judges' results


Justin Miller
Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Gavin Sacks
Cornell University

Donnie Golden
Fresno State


JUNE 18th

Official Rules and Regulations

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Celebrity Judges

Guy Crosby
Science Editor, America's Test Kitchen; Publisher, Cook's Illustrated and Cook's Country magazines

Harold McGee
Author, On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

Mark Davis
Chef Director, Art Institute of California – San Francisco


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