Wireless Network Upgrade Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

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Why is HWS upgrading the wireless network?
The current wireless network, which was originally installed in 2005-06, has reached its end-of-life and no longer supports the needs of our community members. Wireless connectivity is increasingly relied upon by the HWS community, and has become the network of choice for most users due to the exponential growth in the quantity and variety of wireless enabled devices on campus.
When will the wireless network get upgraded?
There are people doing work in my building, does this mean I need to do something now to access the new wireless network?
What areas will the new wireless network cover?
What if I want to bring my own wireless router to campus?
Will the new wireless network be faster?
The lights are dark on the wireless access point, does this mean the access point is broken?
What are the differences between the HWS-Private, HWS-Public, and HWS-Get-Connected wireless networks?
What are the advantages of using HWS-Private vs. HWS-Public?
Why is there an idle time limit on HWS-Public?
Why do some TVs and video game units allow connectivity to HWS-Private while others do not?
Are there any areas on campus where there isn’t coverage, or perhaps where the signals will be weak?
Will I be required to use only wireless to connect to the Internet?
Should I use a personal wireless access point?
I am having trouble connecting a device, who do I call for help?
Do you know of any specific things that might interfere with the wireless network?
What do I need to do when I change my HWS network password?
Why is my device automatically joining HWS-Public or HWS-Get-Connected after I've configured and connected to HWS-Private?
I'm trying to connect to HWS-Private from a Windows computer and the automatic process wants to download "wizardnetworkloader.exe". Is this correct?
I use a desktop computer. Do I need to follow the wireless instructions?
I don’t see any WiFi networks listed, what should I do?
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