Service Catalog

Do something
Change or reset a password, create a survey, set up e-mail, connect to the network, prevent spam, send e-mail to a distribution list, scan and digitize materials, show a film, send a large file, make a poster

Need something
Classroom or technical assistance, equipment, anti-virus program, software, permission, computer cleaning, data restored

Fix a problem
Request emergency IT support, help desk contact/hours, remote desktop support

Get information
Policies, instructions, phone/voicemail, data storage, work order status, computer specifications, available software

Buy something
Computer repair (prices), bulk mailings, print credits, paper/posters (print services), ship a package, track a package, software

Work in IT
Classroom and event support technicians, student help desk technicians, and student experts

Offer an idea/ask a question
None of the above

power button If you are having difficulty or you have unanswered questions, please submit a request, call the Help Desk at  (315) 781-4357, or e-mail helpdesk@hws.edu.

Services By Team

The IT Services Service Catalog organizes our service offerings by customer need. If you're curious about which team performs which service, use the links below to jump to a specific IT Services team.

Operations & Technical Support | Digital Learning | Solutions Development | Network & Systems Infrastructure | Program Management Office

Operations and Technical Support

Classroom and Event Support

Help Desk

Print Services

Post Office

Digital Learning Team

Digital Learning Center

Technology Integration Partnering


Solutions Development

Systems Integration

Systems Analysis & Design

Systems Development

Network and Systems Infrastructure

Technology Infrastructure

Network Administration

Systems Administration