Multi-Function Device (MFD) Replacement

The scheduled replacement and upgrade of over fifty Multi-Function Devices (MFD) on campus was completed. This builds upon an upgrade process that started with a pilot set of units that were replaced earlier this year.

The new MFDs provide a number of notable enhancements and new capabilities, which include the following: faster page-per-minute printing, color scanning, larger paper tray capacities requiring less frequent refilling, convenience staplers on black and white MFDs, and finishing options like 3 hole punch on some models.

As these units begin to experience their initial usage loads with everyone returning to campus, there may be some configuration items and equipment fine tuning that will be required. We expect these adjustments to be completed within the first couple of weeks of the start of the Fall term.

Please contact the Help Desk for any assistance or training on the new MFDs and/or any printers on campus.

Questions and Answers

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I have a new MFD in my department, what do I need to do to print to it?
If you would like help, you can call the Help Desk at 315-781-4357 during normal business hours and someone will assist you.
Why are the MFDs being replaced?
Why wasn’t the MFD in my department replaced?
Do the new MFDs do anything the old ones didn’t?
There is a stapler on the top of the new MFD, does that mean that I can’t staple automatically when I print?


For assistance, please contact the Help Desk during business hours.