Announcement: HWS Exchange 2010 Upgrade

Over the next several weeks, IT Services will be upgrading the HWS e-mail system to Exchange 2010. More details, in the form of questions and answers, are below. Click on the questions to expand them and see the answers.

What do I need to do?
Why are we upgrading?
What else improves with the upgrade?
What browser versions are recommended?
What's new with Webmail?
Will I lose my mail/contacts/calendar?
When will my account be moved to the new e-mail system?
How can you tell if a mailbox has been successfully updated?
What happens if an e-mail account is upgraded while it is in use/logged in?
What if something doesn't seem to be functioning as it should?
Are there any changes for those who use IMAP/POP clients?
Does the migration impact mobile devices?
Where is information located to change or set up a new e-mail client?
Are training aids available?
Is an e-mail client required, or can I just use Webmail?
Does this affect non-HWS e-mail accounts?