Web Videoconferencing Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

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How do I get started hosting a meeting for the first time?
You'll first need to contact the Help Desk to request a WebEx host account and place a reservation for the period (up to a week) that you will need to facilitate meeting(s) by calling 781-4357 or e-mailing helpdesk@hws.edu. Allow for two business days notice to activate and receive this account.

After you receive a WebEx host account and confirmation of your reservation from the Help Desk, this Quick Start Guide (PDF) will step you through the basics of setting up a meeting.
I am participating for the first time in a meeting. How do I make sure things are working properly?
I received an e-mail invitation to a WebEx meeting but I somehow lost it. What do I do?
I reserved an account to host a meeting and I've forgotten my password and/or can't login. What do I do?
Can I use a mobile device (e.g. cell phone or tablet)?
As a meeting host, how do I pre-load materials for a WebEx meeting or share documents?
Can I use WebEx on a wireless network?
What equipment do I need?
How do I get my camera to work?
How do I select an external webcam?