Baseline Survey Tool Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

More information is available in the form of questions and answers. Click on the questions to expand them and see the answers.

Baseline also has a collection of Frequently Asked Questions.

I know an option should be available for a certain question, such as putting a text box at the bottom of a list for an "other: please specify", but I can't see how to do it when I’m adding a question. Where do I find it?
For most of the kinds of questions in Baseline, additional options, such as adding a different answer type, are only available after creating the question, in the question editing screens. First create the question, then edit it to find the additional options. For example, the options to shuffle answers, add/remove/specify the requirement to answer, and all reporting and display logic, are only available in the Edit Question screens. The options to display an answer on the survey, include a textbox, pre-select an answer, or add default text are only available in the Edit Answer screens.
I logged into Baseline, created a project yesterday, and now I don't see it, or any projects at all. Is all my work still there?
How do I copy questions from an existing survey into my current survey?
How do I add a text box to an answer, if my answers are radio buttons or checkboxes? For example, if the respondent should add detail to the answer chosen, such as "Other: (please describe)"?
How do I ensure anonymity in the survey results?
If I have questions that require a text answer, how do I get the text responses to appear in my reports?
Can I test-answer my survey before sending it out?
How do I send out my survey to respondents?
How do I restrict my survey to one submission per respondent?
Is there a benefit to using the Baseline mass mailing tool to send out my survey?
How do I use the Baseline mass mailing tool?
How can I send reminder e-mails to people who have not yet taken the survey?
Can people answer the survey from their phone or other mobile device?
How do I see all my questions on a single page, for my own reference?
How can I combine pages of my survey into one page?
Can a respondent start a survey, save a draft of the work they've completed, and come back to complete the rest of the survey at a later time?
I need to select certain results from the survey and report on it over a period of days. How do I do that?
How do I add another user to help edit my survey, such as a student or a colleague from another department?
How do I export the survey results to Excel?
Are all of my surveys available for the entire HWS community to access? What if I need private research space?