Service Catalog: Standard Computer Software

Summary (what you get):

IT Services installs a certain standard software set, or image, on faculty, staff, and computer lab computers.

Services included:

Faculty and Staff Computers

Below is a listing of the software on the standard image.

Faculty and Staff Standard Software
Microsoft Office suite Adobe CS 5 suite Web Browser
Microsoft Word Dreamweaver Firefox
Microsoft Excel Fireworks  
Microsoft PowerPoint Flash  
Microsoft Access
(Windows Computers)

Apple computers also receive iLife (iPhoto, iTunes, iMovie, etc.), and other standard programs provided by the manufacturer (Safari, Quicktime, etc.).

Windows computers also receive other standard programs designed for the operating system (Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, etc.).

Computer Laboratories

HWS computer laboratories have all the software included in the HWS standard computer image. They also include the software listed below.

Computer Lab Software
Windows Apple
Audacity Audacity
PCModel CS ChemOffice2010
ArcGIS GarageBand
ChemBioOffice 2010 Maple
DNR Garmin Mathematica
Google Earth Matlab
Google SketchUp SPSS

Some software availability varies according to the needs of each particular lab. Refer to the listing of specific software and classrooms for details.

iPad/iPod Touch

All iPads and iPods purchased for the Colleges or on loan from the Help Desk have the following free Apps installed:

  • Dragon Dictation
  • Doodle Pad
  • Draw Free
  • Evernote
  • FeedlerRSS
  • Flipboard
  • Google Earth
  • Popplet Lite
  • Quick Voice
  • iBooks
  • Twitter
  • WordPress
  • Pandora

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