Service Catalog: Group Membership

Summary (what you get):

A group is used to share access to secure network resources such as folders/files, public mail folders/calendars, or applications.

Services Included:

Services included depend upon the group membership requested. Some groups are given a distribution list, others only need access to a network folder or files, etc.

When Customer Receives It:

Each student is assigned to basic groups, such as First-Year Students, Hobart Students, or William Smith Students, upon matriculation and user ID creation. Faculty and staff are also assigned to basic groups upon hire and user account creation. A user who already has access to a resource must either request additional group membership for a user, or request must be verified with the group/network resource owner.

Related Information:

HWS IT Services would never ask you to type out your password in an e-mail and send it to us. We do not manage network or e-mail accounts in this manner. It is best practice to never share your password unless you verify, in person, that it is a legitimate request.

Where/how to request this service:

Requests for new network folders or distribution lists can be made to the Help Desk (helpdesk@hws.edu). Please include a list of all recipients or members of the group, and what level of access is necessary (read, write, or modify).

Requests to change group membership also go through the Help Desk (helpdesk@hws.edu); those requests should come from either someone who already has the same level of permissions as those requested, or a group advisor.

Requests for this service may be made at the Help Desk in the library, by e-mailing helpdesk@hws.edu or the online request form.

power button If you are having difficulty or you have unanswered questions, please submit a request, call the Help Desk at  (315) 781-4357, or e-mail helpdesk@hws.edu.