Service Catalog: E-mail Storage

Summary (what you get):

Students, faculty, and staff are allotted 5 GB of e-mail storage space. If that space is exceeded, the user will be unable to send or receive messages, while the mailbox will remain open. Users are encouraged to check their mail storage periodically to avoid mail delivery problems.

Services Included:

The mail system will provide automatic warnings when mailbox space begins to fill up. Details are listed in the table below:

System Message Mailbox Storage Usage
Mailbox Size Warning - advises users that the mailbox is filling up 4,900 MB
Prohibit Send - users are unable to send mail but still may receive messages 5,000 MB
Prohibit Send and Receive - users are unable to send and receive messages 5,120 MB

Items purged from the Deleted Items folder in a user's mailbox are retained on the mail system for 21 days. People can use the Recover Deleted Items option to restore accidentally deleted messages during this 21-day period. Items in this recovery area are not counted when calculating a person's mail quota.

You can send and receive messages up to 20 MB (megabytes) in size. Any message exceeding this limit will be returned to sender.

What is Not Included:

Each person is responsible for taking the appropriate actions, such as archiving mail, emptying deleted items, purging old messages or messages with large attachments, to ensure his or her mailbox usage is not over quota.

Where/how to request this service:

Please contact the help desk (at helpdesk@hws.edu) for assistance with managing and archiving the contents of your mailbox.

power button If you are having difficulty or you have unanswered questions, please submit a request, call the Help Desk at  (315) 781-4357, or e-mail helpdesk@hws.edu.