Dr. Bruce Gilman leads an aquatic plant workshop at the Finger
Lakes Institute.

Outreach and Public Service Programs

Since 2004, the Institute’s Community Outreach and Public Service Program (CO&PS) has made significant strides to provide educational experiences related to the Finger Lakes environment that benefit Hobart and William Smith Colleges and the entire Finger Lakes region. Community Outreach events have brought a series of authors, policy makers, environmental advocates, scientists, musicians, and a variety of environmental professionals to the Finger Lakes Institute for lectures, workshops, and regional conferences. Faculty and students of the Hobart and William Smith Colleges’ Environmental Studies, Geoscience, and Biology departments have a tradition of support and cooperation with outreach and public service events through attendance, sponsorship, and participation. The goal of the FLI Community Outreach and Public Service Program is to increase environmental knowledge and understanding of the Finger Lakes region and generate a sense of accountability to the environment.

The Institute’s Community Outreach and Public Service Program has four core areas that emphasize the goal of investing in an interdisciplinary approach to experiential learning and information sharing.

  • Learning from Neighboring Watersheds
  • Greening for the Greater Good
  • Illustrate the Finger Lakes


For more information please contact:

Sarah Meyer
Community Outreach Coordinator
(315) 781-4382




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