Heron Cross Country runs Program for Geneva 6th Graders

Posted on Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The William Smith cross country team's season may have ended back in November, however the Herons have been busy off the course. Under the guidance of junior Carly Petroski, the William Smith cross country team has been organizing and planning an after school program for the sixth grade girls at Geneva Middle School.

The program, entitled "Run Like a Girl," will be held twice a week for five to six weeks. It will begin the first week of April and will have a two-fold purpose, to share the excitement of running and to reinforce positive body image for the students. Each week, the Herons hope to have one session that includes running, running games, stretches or strength workouts and then have the second session feature workshops that foster positive body image.

It is also a goal of the William Smith cross country team to help the sixth graders plan and host a 3-kilometer race for themselves and their families to participate in.

"The team has been meeting once a week to plan our workouts and workshops for the girls so the program can be a success the first year," said Petroski. "It will hopefully turn into a William Smith cross country tradition!"



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