Modesto Makes Music

Posted on Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This summer, Pablo Modesto '09 is leaving his mark at K-Rock Radio Station in New York City. The only radio production intern for the rock music station, Modesto has a lot of responsibilities. "I'm learning all the ins and outs of recording, editing and preparing audio for use on-air during sweeps and show intros," he says. Modesto worked with staff at the Salisbury Center for Career Services to find an internship in radio production. He also has logged multiple hours on the Colleges' radio station WEOS-FM as a DJ and a live event engineer. With this experience and help from Hobart alumnus Steve Townsend '81, K-Rock's National Sales Manager, Modesto got his dream gig. A double major in critical social studies dialogues and Latin American media, Modesto is considering a career in politics and media, and the internship at K-Rock is a perfect opportunity to develop some strong connections in radio. Pulling on experience from a film editing class and his own interest in playing music, Modesto is beginning to see his hard work pay off. "I've already heard a ton of stuff on the air that I have worked on myself," he explains. The internship has its fair share of other perks as well. His office is right next to the room where the station's top DJs, Opie and Anthony, record their show each morning. "I also get to do all sorts of fun 'intern things,' like go to shows for free and give away free swag on the street," Modesto says. "It's awesome, and I'm loving it."



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