Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Celebration?
This holiday season, the Colleges invite you to honor those who have inspired you, supported you, or made a difference in your life. With each gift, you can name a person you wish to honor and include a 140-character message. This gift and message will be posted on

Who can participate?
Anyone can join in the celebration – alumni, alumnae, parents, faculty, staff, students and friends of the Colleges. You can also honor anyone you choose – a colleague, family member, classmate, coach, best friend, or all of the above.

Can I “celebrate” more than one person?
Of course! Now is the perfect time to thank all the important people in your life.

Is there a minimum gift?
There is a minimum gift of $5 per person honored.

Will the amount of my donation be displayed on the Celebrate website?
No – all gifts are confidential, and only the name of the honoree and your personal message will be displayed.

Will the person I’m honoring be informed of the gift?
Yes, we will gladly send an e-mail letting him or her know you’ve made a gift in celebration. There’s a place for you to enter the recipient’s e-mail address on the giving form.

I don’t want my name on the website – is it possible to give anonymously?
Yes – should you choose, your name will not appear on the Celebrate website.

How can I make my gift?
You may make your gift online here.

It’s not Monday yet, but I want to honor someone. Can I do so now?
Yes – make your gift today, and see your message appear on Monday!

I missed the three day celebration! Can I still give?
Gifts to the Annual Fund are always welcome. However, your message will not appear on the Celebrate site.

How can I share this event on social sites?
We would love for you to share in this celebration with your friends, classmates and family. Here are some sample social messages:

Sample Facebook Message: Celebrate the season with Hobart and William Smith! Make someone’s day; make a gift in honor of an important person in your life. Visit

Sample Twitter Message: Make a gift, make someone’s day – and join HWS in celebration: #celebratehws

Can I change the photo of myself?
We are pulling photos from the Colleges’ photography database, Facebook and LinkedIn. If you’d prefer a different photo or no photo at all, we can easily make that change. E-mail Michael DiMauro at If the photo you send is not usable, we will replace the image with a snowflake.

Someone has honored me but I’m not comfortable being included on the website. Can I remove myself?
Yes, please e-mail Michael DiMauro at and we will remove you from the site.

Hobart and William Smith Colleges reserve the right to determine what content will be published on the website and to edit all submitted text and/or photography before it is published on the website or social media.


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