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This program provides an opportunity to study expressions and representations of the sacred across several eras from the prehistoric to the modern, and in several cultures. Topics include the following: religious artifacts and sites; behaviors, relationships, roles and institutions associated with the sacred; sacred thought worlds of peoples in their own terms; religious expressions; and religious and ritual systems in socio-cultural context and as they change through innovation, revitalization, resistance, and myriad other processes. The focus is on the sacred in different cultures from religious studies, anthropological, and sociological perspectives. One objective is to show that the sacred is necessarily constituted socially and culturally, on the one hand, and that the meanings of any particular expressions of the sacred are not necessarily exhausted by social cultural analysis, on the other. The sacred in cross cultural perspective program offers an interdisciplinary minor; the program does not offer a major.

interdisciplinary, 6 courses
One course in religious studies and one course in anthropology or sociology at each of three levels: 100, 200, and 300 to 400 level from the following lists.

Religious Studies Courses
REL                             Any 100-level course
REL            210           Hinduism
REL            211           Buddhism
REL            213           Death and Dying
REL            217           Gurus, Saints, Priests and Prophets
REL            219           Introduction to Islamic Tradition
REL            228           Religion and Resistance
REL            232           Rethinking Jesus
REL            236           Gender and Islam
REL            237           Lived Christianity
REL            238           Liberating Theologies
REL            241           Rastaman and Christ
REL            243           Theology of World Religions
REL            254           The Question of God/Goddess
REL            263           Religion and Social Theory
REL            272           The Sociology of the American Jew
REL            273           Foundations of Jewish Thought
REL            281           Unspoken Worlds
REL            283           Que(e)rying Religious Studies
REL            305           Tongues of Fire: Pentecostalism Worldwide
REL            306           The Perfectible Body
REL            312           New Heavens, New Earths
REL            315           Japanese Religions
REL            336           Islam and the West
REL            365           Loss of Certainty

Anthropology Courses
ANTH        102           World Prehistory
ANTH        110           Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
ANTH        206           Early Cities
ANTH        208           Archaeology of Japan and China
ANTH        213           Cultures of India
ANTH        220           Sex Roles: A Cross Cultural Perspective
ANTH        222           Native American Religions
ANTH        227           Intercultural Communication
ANTH        290           Pharaohs, Fellahin, Fantasy
ANTH        296           African Cultures
ANTH        297           Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
ANTH        306           History of Anthropological Theory
ANTH        326           Patterns and Processes in Ancient Mesoamerican Urbanism
ANTH        352           Builders and Seekers

Sociology Courses
SOC           100           Introduction to Sociology (selected sections by permission of instructor)
SOC           244           Religion in American Society
SOC           370           Theories of Religion: Religion, Power, and Social Transformation