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The Men’s Studies program offers an intellectually rigorous and coherent explanation of men’s lives, focusing on theories of masculinity, the history and sociology of men’s experience, gender and sexuality as organizing categories of men’s identity and experience, and ways of knowing and teaching about these matters.

interdisciplinary, 5 courses
An introductory course: either FSEM 072 Rock Music & American Masculinities or FSEM 196 Theories of Masculinity,or another course approved by the coordinator; BIDS 245 Men and Masculinity; one theory course; one course on sexual minorities; and one course on gender. The five courses of the minor must include two courses from each of two divisions (humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, or fine and performing arts).

Theory Courses
ARTH 211 Women in 19th Century Art and Culture
ECON 310 Economics and Gender
ENG 304 Feminist Literary Theory
SOC 220 Sociology of Everyday Life
SOC 340 Feminist Sociological Theory
WMST 300 Feminist Theory

Sexual Minorities Courses
AMST 310 Sexual Minorities in America
ENG 212 Literature of Sexual Minorities
PPOL 219 Sexual Minority Movements and Public Policy
REL 283 Que(e)rying Religious Studies

Gender Courses
ANTH 220 Sex Roles: A Cross Cultural Perspective
ASN 220 Male and Female in East Asian Societies
CLAS 230 Gender and Sexuality in Antiquity
ENG 330 Male Heroism In The Middle Ages
PHIL 152 Issues: Philosophy and Feminism
POL 238 Sex and Power
PSY 223 Social Psychology
REL 236 Gender and Islam
REL 347 Gender and Globalization in the Muslim World
SOC 205 Men and Masculinity
SOC 225 Sociology of the Family
SOC 226 Sociology of Sex and Gender
WRRH 221 He Says, She Says: Language and Gender

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