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The Holocaust, 1933-1945, was a human disaster of unprecedented proportions. Mass murder by “lawful” decree reached extraordinary proportions when a faceless and mindless bureaucracy combined with passionate hatred to lay waste European Jewish culture and millions of its practitioners. As a result, concepts of civilization were undermined, cherished ideas such as rationalism and progress as the basis for societal conduct were challenged, and the power of the churches and their teachings were called into question. Intellect and goodwill accounted for little in the Nazi era.

The Holocaust Studies minor provides an opportunity to study the Holocaust and its impact on society. This enterprise must go beyond history and religion, because the Holocaust cannot be understood without knowledge of the dynamics of prejudice, of propaganda, of political and social organization, of social and psychological deviance, or of the history of Judaism and the Jewish people. Holocaust study is by its very nature interdisciplinary.

interdisciplinary, 6 courses
Two courses from Core Group 1, one course from either Core Group 1 or 2, and three other courses from either of the Core Groups or the electives. At least two of the courses must be from the social sciences and at least two from the humanities; no more than three of the courses may be from any one department.

Core Group 1
HIST 269 Modern Germany: 1764-1996
HIST 271 Nazi Germany
HIST 237 Europe Since the War
HIST 238 The World Wars in Global Perspective
REL 271 History of the Holocaust
REL 401 Literary and Theological Responses to the Holocaust

Core Group 2
HIST 276 The Age of Dictators
PHIL 130 Moral Dilemmas: Limiting Liberty
POL 180 Introduction to International Relations
POL 348 Racism and Other Hatreds
REL 270 Modern Jewish History
REL 273 The Foundations of Jewish Thought
REL 276 History of Eastern European Jewry, 1648-1945
REL 278 Jewish Life and Thought in Modern Times
SOC 221 Sociology of Minorities
SOC 222 Social Change

Social Sciences Electives
ANTH 205 Race, Class, Ethnicity
POL 150 Introduction to Comparative Politics
POL 215 Minority Group Politics
POL 348 Racism and Hatreds
POL 283 Terrorism
SOC 224 Social Deviance
SOC 228 Social Conflict
SOC 256 Power and Powerlessness
SOC 258 Social Problems
SOC 279 South African Apartheid
SOC 325 Moral Sociology and the Good Society

Humanities Electives
EDUC 202 Human Growth and Development
ENG 236 Post Apocalyptic Literature
ENG 360 20th-Century Central European Fiction
HIST 238 World Wars in Global Perspectives
HIST 269 Modern Germany: 1764-1996
HIST 272 Nazi Germany
HIST 276 Age of Dictators
PHIL 150 Philosophy and Contemporary Issues: Justice and Equality
PHIL 151 Philosophy and Contemporary Issues: Crime and Punishment
PHIL 155 Philosophy and Contemporary Issues: The Morality of War…
PHIL 235 Morality and Self Interest in 20th Century Culture
PHIL 236 Philosophy of Law
REL 108 Religion and Alienation in 20th-Century Culture