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The Biology and Chemistry departments offer a joint major to those students interested in both biology and chemistry. This is a rigorous major that is designed for students that are truly interested in biology and chemistry. The Biochemistry major consists of core courses from the biology and chemistry departments, cognates in math and physics, and a capstone seminar experience.

disciplinary, 17 courses
The required biology courses are BIOL 167, 212, two 200-level cell/molecular biology courses (BIOL 220, BIOL 232, or BIOL 220), and two 300-level cell/molecular biology courses (BIOL 302, BIOL 335, BIOL 341). The required chemistry courses include CHEM 110, 240, 241, 280, 320, 448 and 449. All Biochemistry majors complete a capstone senior seminar (BCHE 460). All courses must be passed with a grade of C- or higher. Credit/no credit courses cannot be counted towards the major.

Biology Courses
BIOL          167           Introductory Topics in Biology
BIOL          212           Biostatistics
BIOL          220           General Genetics
BIOL          222           Microbiology
BIOL          232           Cell Biology
BIOL          302           Immunology
BIOL          335           Molecular Biology
BIOL          341           Developmental Biology

Chemistry Courses
CHEM       110           Molecules That Matter
CHEM       240           Organic Chemistry I
CHEM       241           Organic Chemistry II
CHEM       280           Chemical Reactivity
CHEM       320           Physical Chemistry I
CHEM       448           Biochemistry I
CHEM       449           Biochemistry II


460 Senior Seminar This course is a capstone experience that integrates knowledge learned in previous biology and chemistry courses. Students will explore a contemporary topic in biochemistry through readings of journal articles and textbooks,as well as class discussions. The context of these discussions will enable each student to produce a Biochemistry Senior Thesis.