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COURSE CATALOGUE : Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation

Mike Hanna ’68, Director of Athletics
Paul Bugenhagen, Head Rowing Coach
Mike Cragg, Head Football Coach
Ken Dougherty, Head Golf Coach
Ron Fleury, Head Cross Country Coach
Shawn Griffin, Head Soccer Coach
Scott Iklé ’84, Head Sailing Coach
Greg Raymond, Head Lacrosse Coach
Tim Riskie, Head Squash and Tennis Coach
Tim Sweeney, Head Basketball Coach
Mark Taylor, Head Hockey Coach

Deb Steward, Director of Athletics
Sandra Chu, Head Rowing Coach
Sarah Eighmey, Head Cross Country Coach
Chip Fishback, Head Squash and Tennis Coach
Russ Hess, Director of Recreation, Intramurals and Fitness
Scott Iklé ’84, Head Sailing Coach
Kelly Kisner, Head Swimming & Diving Coach
Anne Phillips, Head Lacrosse Coach
Lynn Quinn, Head Golf Coach
Sally Scatton, Head Field Hockey Coach, Assistant Director of Athletics
Lindsay Sharman, Head Basketball Coach
Jaime Totten, Head Ice Hockey Coach
Aliceann Wilber, Head Soccer Coach

Nick Cooke, Coordinator of Sports Medicine
Caitlin Ketcham, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Brian Miller, Athletic Compliance Coordinator
Sara Siewerth, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Tracy Stankavage, Assistant Strength Coach
Jacqueline Stucker, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Zachary Woodard, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

Hobart athletics seeks to afford experience in intercollegiate sports to as many men as possible. Annually, about one third of the Hobart student body participates in intercollegiate athletics. Many participate on more than one team. While student-athletes are encouraged to strive to fulfill their athletic potential, emphasis is placed on achieving a healthy balance between their scholastic and athletic endeavors. The broad-based program receives excellent support in the areas of equipment, facilities, staff, and sports medicine. Under the supervision of the Department of Athletics, Hobart fields intercollegiate teams in basketball, cross country, football, golf, ice hockey, lacrosse, rowing, sailing, soccer, squash, and tennis. Hobart is a member of Division III of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, and competes in this division in all sports except lacrosse. Since 1995, the Hobart lacrosse team has competed at the Division I level. Since 1972, Hobart College has won 18 national championships, four Eastern College Athletic Conference regional titles, and 47 conference championships.

William Smith
The Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation has as its foundation an educational philosophy that emphasizes the importance of the medium of movement as a learning vehicle for individual growth and development. Recognizing that students learn in a variety of ways and through a variety of experiences, the department provides a wide range of activity courses and a comprehensive intercollegiate athletics program. Certain activity courses are offered for credit, others are not offered for credit. Students may select from team sports, individual sports, fitness, wellness, and aquatics classes.

Designated as an NCAA Division III institution, William Smith engages in varsity competition in the following sports: basketball, cross country, field hockey, golf, ice hockey, lacrosse, rowing, sailing, soccer, squash, swimming and diving, and tennis. Soccer provides opportunities at the junior varsity level as well.

William Smith is a member of the Liberty League, ECAC and NCAA. Since William Smith teams began competing in the early 1970s, the Herons have enjoyed notable success. The Herons have won seven national championships, 60 conference championships and 19 state championships.

Recreation, Intramurals and Fitness
The Colleges provide an extensive recreation, intramural sports and fitness program. Bristol Field House is an 83,000-square-foot multi-purpose facility that houses a racquetball court, indoor track, full-size artificial-turf playing field that converts to five tennis or four basketball courts, and adjoins the Elliott Varsity House and the Dr. Frank P. Smith ‘36 Squash Center. The fitness center contains an assortment of 35 cardio and 60 weight-training machines. Free weights, stretching and functional fitness areas are also available.

Students who enjoy organized sports, but don’t necessarily wish to compete on the intercollegiate level choose from a wide variety of intramural leagues and tournaments. Dodgeball, flag football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, softball, and a host of other team and individual sports are available. A third of all students participated in intramural sports during the 2014-15 academic year.

HWS fitness classes deliver fun, safe and exciting opportunities for students to exercise. Professional and student instructors teach an array of classes and with over 30 group exercise and indoor cycling classes offered per semester, students can choose classes that fit their needs.

Physical Education Classes
The Colleges also offer a wide variety of physical education classes (some are credit-bearing courses) designed to develop skills in activities that can be performed throughout one’s life. These classes, which range from scuba diving to tennis, are instructed by staff members who have significant experience and expertise in that related activity.

Club Sports
Club sports include alpine skiing, baseball, basketball, equestrian, fencing, field hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse, rugby, soccer, track and field, and ultimate Frisbee. These sports are organized under the Office of Student Activities and do not carry varsity or intercollegiate status.

Outdoor Recreation Program (ORAP)
ORAP provides both structured and unstructured recreational opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts in the Hobart and William Smith Colleges community. In addition, a concerted effort is made to introduce novices to a variety of outdoor activities.

This program sponsors a combination of courses, clinics, and outings throughout the school year. Examples of instructional courses and outings that may be offered are: hiking and backpacking, kayaking, ice climbing, Nordic skiing, spelunking, and rock climbing.

Dates and times of programs are publicized and a fee is charged to cover equipment and administrative costs. A resource center located in Bristol Field House includes an equipment rental system that provides individuals with the means to coordinate their own outings.

PEC 915 Lifeguard Training This course is for those desiring American Red Cross certification. Swimming, stroke improvement, conditioning, practicing, and practical use of all phases of in the water lifeguarding and out of water prevention supervision methods. Some first aid and artificial respiration methods are included. Prerequisite: swimming test. Fee. (Spring, offered annually)

PEC 916 Water Safety Instructor This course includes perfection and practice of all recognized swimming strokes and lifesaving techniques plus some first aid and artificial respiration methods. Prerequisite: PEC 915 Lifeguard Training. Fee. (Spring, offered annually)

PEC 930 Scuba Diving I This course includes all techniques of the sport. Certification is given for satisfactory completion. Fee. (Offered each semester)

PEC 932 Scuba Diving II This course is a Specialty Diver program designed to teach advanced diving skills in the areas of: Underwater Navigation, Night/Low Visibility Diving, and Diver Stress & Rescue. Completion of classroom, pool, and open water work will lead to an internationally recognized Specialty Diver certification. Divers will be able to complete reciprocal and triangular navigation runs, make dives to depths greater than 60’ (as limited by Level 1 training) and to dive in low light diving conditions. Divers will be able to identify and help relieve stresses in themselves and their buddy. Buddy Rescue and self-help skills are mastered. Fee. (Offered each semester)

PEC 980 Athletic Training The objectives of this course are to acquaint and afford opportunity for concentrated study by means of participation, observation, discussion, instruction, and research in the latest techniques, practices, problems, and theories pertaining to athletic training. (Spring, offered annually)

PER 125 Modern Tennis: Power and Agility Training Tennis is popular sport worldwide played by millions of people from all walks and at many different levels. The physical training required for tennis players to succeed at a high-level has become a major component of an athlete's training program. This course will cover intermediate to advanced level drills specific to enhancing footwork in the modern game of tennis. The workout will be interval based with drills focusing on balance, coordination, reaction, agility, and power tennis movements. The principles of adaptation, specifically, leading, intensity, volume, frequency, density, among others will shape the nature of each specific exercise and how it is to be performed by the athlete. The goal of the course is to help each athlete become a better mover on the tennis court.

PER 921 Basic Sailing In this course, students are instructed in basic sailing skills and the fundamentals of sailing theory. Classes are held at the Bozzuto Boathouse off South Main Street. (Iklé, Fall, offered annually)

PER 929 Field Hockey Refine fundamental field hockey skills and game tactics and techniques. Open to new and experienced players. (Scatton, Spring, offered annually)

PER 961 Tennis I This is an introductory course for tennis beginners, with an emphasis on proper grips, strokes, and technique. (Fishback, Fall, offered annually)

PER 962 Tennis II This is a more advanced course for tennis players with playing experience; attention will be paid to proper technique, but there will be more emphasis on live hitting and point-playing. (Fishback, Fall, offered annually)

PER 972 Indoor Soccer This course is coeducational and is held in Bristol Field House. (Wilber, offered Spring semester)

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