Stewardson Committee

Kieran Grogan, Chair
Dashing young 22 year old hails from Simsbury, Connecticut and graduated high school from the Trinity Pawling School for fine young gentleman. He is a political science major with a double minor in physics and American studies. On Campus he is the philanthropy chair for the Theta Delta Chi fraternity and is involved in many club sports. One of his favorite activities is taking long walks by the lake.

Kelsey Landers, Chair
Kelsey Landers, young 21 year old from Far Hills, New Jersey graduated high school from Kent Place School for lovely young ladies. She is a media and society major and a minor in English. On campus, she works at the HWS Call Center and participates in various volunteer opportunities. One of her favorite activities is tanning on the BTG rooftop.

Perry Elizabeth Ostheimer, Chair
A lively and dazzling 21 year old who grew up in the most idyllic college town in the USA - Williamstown, Mass. - but nonetheless fell in love with the city of Geneva. She is majoring in media and society and minoring in writing and rhetoric. For the past three summers, Perry has been a city girl, landing great jobs and internships in the fashion and advertising worlds with the help of the HWS career services office. Perry spent last semester in the magical city of Prague, but cannot wait to return back to Geneva to enjoy breakfast with friends at Opus.

Chair, Kieran Grogan
Chair, Kelsey Landers
Chair, Perry Ostheimer
Vice-Chair, Meredith Fulco
Vice-Chair, Erica DiMaria
Vice-Chair, Matt Rolph
Secretary, Eden Tesfaye
Publicity Coordinator, Kristyna Bronner
Publicity Coordinator, Josh Moss
Fraternity Liaison, Greg Kreisinger
Fraternity Liaison, Andrew Baird
Fraternity Liaison, Sam Habgood
WS Athletic Liaison, Sally Storch
WS Athletic Liaison, Erin O'Brien
WS Athletic Liaison, Jackie Murphy
Hobart Athletic Liaison, Richie Bonney
Hobart Athletic Liaison, Greg Mathieu
Morgan Atanasio
Jean Baptiste
Andrew Berlanga
Sophia Bickley
Lauren Borislow
Kyle Bunce
Casey Crisco
Courtney Cytryn
Emily Davidowitz
James Deitrich
Lia Duffy
Abigal Evansa
Lauren Foe
Sarah Fonts
Kaitlin Hastings
Kim Jones
Alex Jundanian
Lindsay Kent
Molly Kietzman
Guanqun Li
Remi McDonough
Jaqueline Minnehan
Francesa Pittelli

Giving History

The Colleges' senior class giving initiative began in the late 1980s and was formally named The Stewardson Society during the 2006-2007 academic year. The classes of 2012 hold the record for participation with 78.5%.

FY06 Senior Gift
Total Dollars: $3,721
Participation %: 40.6%

FY07 The Stewardson Society
Total Dollars: $5, 571
Participation %: 51.5%

FY08 The Stewardson Society
Total Dollars: $4,500
Participation %: 52.7%

FY09 The Stewardson Society
Total Dollars: $7,014
Participation %: 55.9%

FY10 The Stewardson Society
Total Dollars: $8,293
Participation %: 69.5%

FY11 The Stewardson Society
Total Dollars: $11,717
Participation %: 73.9%

FY12 The Stewardson Society
Total Dollars: $10,510
Participation %: 78.5%

FY13 The Stewardson Society
Total Dollars: $9,565
Participation %: 75.0%


Caroline Whelan
Assistant Director of the Annual Fund
Phone: (315) 781-3775
E-mail: whelan@hws.edu

Kristi Augenblick '12
Assistant Director of the Annual Fund
Phone: (315) 781-4065
E-mail: augenblick@hws.edu


Stewardson Society




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