Deborah Tall

Professor of English

Deborah Tall came to HWS in 1982. Tall taught literature and writing at HWS and pursued her passions as a poet, essayist, and editor of the Seneca Review, the Colleges' national literary journal,from 1982 to 2006. Tall was the author of four books of poems and several nonfiction works, including "Summons," which was published by Sarabande Books and chosen by Charles Simic for the Kathryn A. Morton Prize. She was also co-editor, with Kuusisto and David Weiss, of "The Poet's Notebook," which originated from a special issue of Seneca Review. An innovative thinker, in 1997, Tall and John D'Agata '95 created what is now known as the lyric essay. Tall tragically passed away in 2006 of breast cancer, leaving behind many students, colleagues, friends, and family who remember her fondly.


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