Planning to Return Attending

Wondering where to stay during your Reunion? Information on all available accommodations below.


If you are sensitive to heat or have other health-related needs, we encourage you to consider staying at a local hotel, a bed and breakfast, or renting a house. A list of accommodations can be found here.

Please make reservations directly with your hotel of choice. We suggest doing so soon, as rooms are going fast! On-campus accommodations in residence halls (of which there are plenty) will also be available to all alumni, alumnae and their guests.


We have room for everyone right here on campus. What better way to slip back in time than to spend a couple of nights in a residence hall with your family and friends? Every effort is made to house classes together so you can take advantage of the lounges for impromptu gatherings. Staying in the dorms is convenient and economical, but it is not luxurious! Dorm rooms are equipped with the basics – sheets on a twin bed, a blanket, a pillow, small towels and soap. You may want to pack an alarm clock, additional towels, and extra blanket, a fan and anything else you may need to be more comfortable. Families with small children should bring all necessary supplies. June weather in Geneva can be hot, sunny, cold and/or rainy! Most residence halls on campus are not air-conditioned.

Reservations for Reunion, including accommodations on campus, has started. Go to the registration page to plan your Reunion Weekend!


Reunion Class Year

Residence Hall

Red Shirt Students


Classes of 1952 – 1962

Comstock Hall

Molly Neureuter '18 and Miquela Carney '18
Jesse Singleton '18 and Josiah Bramble '19


Classes of 1967

Comstock Hall

Sarah Walters '19 and Quinn Cullum '18
Taner Bennerson '18 and Gavin Flood '20


Classes of 1972

deCordova Hall

Sammie Shaffner '17 and Caitlin Lasher '19
Cam Williams '19 and Chad Tokowicz '17


Classes of 1977

Caird Hall

Lauren Carr '17 and Jackeline Matos '18
Kwame Morris '19 and Trevor Poisson '19


Classes of 1982

737 South Main Street

Clayton Lyons '17 and Shaamar Samuel '19


Classes of 1987

deCordova Hall

Julia Wasserman '17 and Karoline Loretan '17


Classes of 1992

Carr McGuire House
Geneva Hall

Sam Solomon '17 and Josh Wasserman '20


Classes of 1997

deCordova Hall

Kimberly Gutierrez '17 and Hilda Agyekum '18


Classes of 2002

McCormick Hall

Hannah Brooks '17 and Maureen Milmoe '18


Classes of 2007

Caird Hall

Gail Quintos '17 and Shaahida Samuel '19


Classes of 2012

Jackson | Potter | Rees

Anne O’Brien '18 and Cat Wolf '18
Clay Williams '19 and Tanner Poisson '19
Trey Fleming '18 and Donovan Hayden '19


Classes of 2005 - 2016

Caird Hall

Gail Quintos '17 and Shaahida Samuel '19


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