Wondering where a particular classmates is? A class directory can be found in this password protected site.

Lost Classmates

A “lost” classmate is someone the Colleges no longer have a mailing address for. If you can help find any of these classmates, please contact Dulcie Meyer at or (315) 781-3082.

View lost classmates

William G. Alberts
Timothy P. Bellows
G. F. Cady III
Jose Caminos
Laurence A. Cook
Wilson Crandall
Brooks C. Eldridge-Martin III
John E. Faustmann
Louis H. Higgins
Richard K. Isaacs
Bruce Jackson
Serge Joffe
Christopher Kaiser
Robert A. Kendig
Louis J. Louras
Stanley D. Mesnick
Jon A. Nelson
John W. R. Oakes
Howard S. Patten
Captain Peter B. Sanderson
Ronald J. Sergott
William A. Snyder
Nathan C. Tack
Wayne G. Tanner
Kareem E. Tannous
Robert S. Ten Eyck
W. Gregory Tobias
William G. Tobias
Robert J. Torrey, Jr.
Robert J. Wade, Jr.
Richard H. Walden
Harry N. White, Jr.
Robert J. Williams, Jr.
Robert O. Wilson

William Smith
Susan McCleary Devlin
Anne Berkeley Draper
Elaine Deutsch Engst
Bennie Whitaker Jones
Jane Lifset
Laura Chace McDermott
Diana Walke Meehan
Virginia Helbach Norris
Alice Anderson Nowark
Jo Anne Steeves
Simone Boudier Swanson

Did not attend all four years

William E. Atkinson
Peter K. Bobbis
Stephen W. Carpenter
Gary J. Carson
Randall F. Castelluzzo
James W. Derbyshire
Rodney D. Dorand
Warren R. Dworkin
Wallace I. Edgecombe
Eugene M. Elliott, Jr.
Jonathan N. Furman
Francis J. Gensheimer, Jr.
Stephen Gilbert
James J. Gould
Gregory R. Hatt
John K. Hobbie
Douglas R. Horne
William T. Johnson, Jr.
Jeffrey F. Kalberer
John D. Kaufmann
John Kershaw
Barry H. Kleinman
Ronald A. Klempner
Robert C. Kniskern
Richard S. LaPlante
Michael F. Latyn
Michael H. Leeds
Hilary J. Lerner
Alan M. Levine
Mark W. Levy
Arthur L. Livermore, Jr.
Richard C. Lott
Michael T. McGovern
John A. McGregor
Donald R. Miller
William T. Parker
David S. Perry
William A. Peterson
Frank L. Plis
Mark H. Rogers
Kenneth Rutkowski
Peter Schlossberg
Robert M. Shainwald
Steven H. Shapiro
Michael M. Spata
Robert N. Tiffany
Frederick C. Venturella
Mark H. vonLehmden
Bruce W. Waddell
John W. Wallace
Philip H. Williams
Delph R. Wilson
Raymond J. Woods
T A. Wotherspoon
David W. Youngstrom

William Smith
Emoke G. Berecz
Susan M. Burger
DeMarie D. Deardorff
Nancy E. Farnsworth
Susan R. Finkel
Gayle R. Garman
Heather M. Granger
Helene S. Jacobson
Marcia Johnson
Carol Latta Manning
Maureen A. McCarthy
Janet Moschetta
Martha P. Moulton
Nina B. Natelson
Susan Nordquist
Susan J. Roberts
Barbara M. Stackhouse
Hilary A. Vilander
Rose E. Weinstein
Barbara A. White
JoEllen C. White
Paulette Lee Zouistocki

In Memoriam

The reunion committee invites you to share memories of deceased classmates to be included in the 50th Reunion Echo and Pine Yearbook. We welcome tributes and memories—anything that will convey a sense of what a particular classmate was like either at HWS or in later years. If several contributions are received about the same individual, that’s fine. Please email your memorial to Dulcie Meyer at

View deceased classmates

John W. Alexanders
Douglas Ashton
David W. Baker
Carl J. Barba
Peter H. Beck
Stephen P. Bell
Sue Riley Bennitt
Penelope Dalton Berry
Hal C. Birdsall
Charles Bletsch
David L. Briars
Victoria A. Brown
Mary Ellen Goade Carmichael
Michael J. Connolly
Marion J. Dann
James R. Drake
James S. Effren
Mary K. Fraser
Rodney M. Friedman
Robert J. Geary
Judith Pyles Goodrow
Wilmoth Peairs Hammersley
Ralph M. Peter Harter
Mary Bale Hartigan
Paul R. Hessel
Jan Mickle Holloway
Elizabeth R. Hutchinson
James K. Kirkby
Robert G. Koehler
William J. Konrad
Susan E. Kranzler
Jon E. Kronenberg
Lowell Kutner
Carolyn F. Lato
Neil L. Levinsohn
James A. Logan
Alan D. Madden
William F. McLean
Stephen R. Mills
Murray A. Morphy
Brian J. Murphy
William S. Myott
Edward C. Perry
Paul C. Peterson
David M. Pettigrew
Thomas J. Reidy
Alice Robeson
Marc R. Sanders
Patricia A. Serafinn
Philip F. Spahn
Peter Tauber
Thomas Toher
James W. Walker
John P. Weaver
Gregory J. Welch
John F. Westcott
David E. Whittingham
Michael A. Wiener
David M. Wilson
Andrew B. Yarrow
Dennis S. Young

50th Reunion Echo and Pine

Publishing a 50th Reunion Echo and Pine is a tradition that commemorates this milestone year. The yearbook is a compilation of submissions from classmates that reflect on life after college. Don’t forget to include pictures of yourself and family members with your submission. The Committee encourages all classmates to participate in the yearbook, even if you can’t attend Reunion.

There are several ways to complete your submission:

  • Complete the online form
  • Email Dulcie at and request the form as a Word document you can complete and email back,
  • Or complete the paper form that will be mailed in the fall.

To view the 1967 50th Reunion Echo and Pine, click here.


Classes of 1968 50th Reunion Committee

Mike Hanna
Martha Stuart Jewett
Hugh Kane
Bob Margolin
Andrea Roff McNally
Ralph Nesson
Rob Platten
Michael Plummer
Georgiana Prince
Jim Slusarski
Roger Turner
Schuyler VanHorn

Are you interested in helping with your 50th Reunion?  Contact Dulcie Meyer in Alumni House for more information.

HWS Staff Contact

Dulcie Meyer
(315) 781-3082


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