What have your classmates already submitted?

Questionnaires that have already been returned and are ready to be included in our Reunion Echo and Pine have been compiled in this folder. Check them out here, and please submit your own!

Online Submission Form

The online submission form provides unlimited room to answer the questions, will automatically save everything you write, and when you’ve finished filling out and exit the form, it will automatically be sent to the Reunion Office.

HOWEVER, once you open the link to the form and enter your email address and name,

  • you must not exit the web browser you have used to open the form, though you can move around to different computer applications or functions, and;
  • you must not turn off your computer, though you can move around to different computer applications or functions and you can put the computer to “sleep.”

In other words, the document must be left open and your computer turned on as long as you want to work on it.

As long as the document is open you can go back and rewrite or edit whatever you have already written. If you did want to add to your responses after you have “submitted” your questionnaire, you can email Dulcie, and she will send your responses to you with instructions on how to expand or revise them.

Because there are a lot of prompts to potentially answer, you may want to open the Word Document form below to review and familiarize yourself with the questions, and prepare your answers to enter into the online form, or use the Word document to submit your form.

Word Document Version

If you’d like to fill out and submit the questionnaire in a Microsoft Word document, or would like to review and plan your responses for the online form, click the button below and download the form. Rename and save the document to your computer, and fill it out as you have the time. When you finish filling out the form, email Dulcie ( with your completed form attached to the email.

Always feel free to contact us with questions about how to proceed with your chosen method of responding to the questionnaire. We’ll be happy to help. We’re hoping that with all of your input, we’ll have a really interesting record of our classmates’ lives, and a historically rich yearbook.

And Please Don’t Forget Letters!

Please remember that we are interested in getting any letter excerpts that you’d like to share with us to include in the yearbook. We sent out some examples in our original mailing. Our letters from the 60’s and 70’s are great records of what was going on in our lives and in the country back then. If you’ve kept any, please consider taking some time to go through your letters to find any non-incriminating passages that reflect the issues and life of those times.

Scan and email your letter excerpts to Dulcie (, OR copy and mail them to her at:

Alumni House
21 Seneca Street
Geneva, NY 14456



Classes of 1968 50th Reunion Committee

Mike Hanna
Martha Stuart Jewett
Hugh Kane
Bob Margolin
Andrea Roff McNally
Ralph Nesson
Rob Platten
Michael Plummer
Georgiana Prince
Jim Slusarski
Roger Turner
Schuyler VanHorn

Are you interested in helping with your 50th Reunion?  Contact Dulcie Meyer in Alumni House for more information.

HWS Staff Contact

Dulcie Meyer
(315) 781-3082


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