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Session A Courses

De-Facing Shakespeare
Rob Carson, Assistant Professor of English

Does it matter what Shakespeare looked like? Does anything change when we put a new face on him? The discovery last year of a "new" portrait of Shakespeare gives us an opportunity to assess the strange status that Shakespeare holds in our culture, and to explore what is at stake when we set out to redefine an icon.

Gothic Revival at Hobart and William Smith
Michael Tinkler, Associate Professor of Art

Michael Tinkler will take the class on a walking tour of the Hill, considering how Gothic Revival contributed the 19th Century life of Geneva and the early life of William Smith College. Time permitting, the tour will end at St John's Chapel.

The Journey Toward Stem Cell Therapy in Treating Human Diseases
Kristy Kenyon, Associate Professor of Biology

Without question, the field of stem cell biology has pushed to the forefront of scientific pursuits in the last century. Research breakthroughs are heralded in the popular press almost daily. Society wrestles with the moral, ethical, legal and social issues that surround the funding, source and use of embryonic stem cells to treat human disease. The emphasis of this seminar will be to discuss recent advancements in the field of stem cell biology and the implications of this research in the broader context of public health. This lecture will include a short introduction into different model system used to study stem cell biology with an opportunity to view frog embryos in the laboratory.

Midterm Elections of 2010
Iva Deutchman, Professor of Political Science

In this Reunion class I intend to focus on the 2010 midterm elections. The media are already hyping the elections as of particular import. Given the still struggling economy, and the perceived voter dislike of incumbents, it is perhaps not surprising that some Republicans are already predicting another "Gingrich Revolution," a reference to Newt Gingrich's successful takeover of the House of Representatives in 1994 when Democrat Bill Clinton was president. This class is not going to spend a lot of time trying to divine the future, but we will talk about the political landscape and what the Republicans and the Democrats need to do in order to be successful.

What Does "Meaning" Mean?
Marvin Bram, Professor Emeritus of History

We say that words mean something. Is that a simple thing to say? Is it a deceptive thing to say? If it's deceptive in some important way, is the deception intentional? If we ought to inquire into deception and intention in connection with the meaning of words, then what about "the meaning of life," a high-stakes question if ever there was one? Can we ask about the meaning of life in an undeceived way? We can. Is there a rich tradition of doing so? No. So we're going to start from scratch on June 5, 2010? Yes.


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