Loan Counseling

Complete your student loan counseling online.

  1. Additional Information for Loan Borrowers
  2. Click here for important information about loan debt for HWS students.


  3. Direct Entrance Counseling for Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Student Loans
  4. You can complete your entrance counseling requirements right here online! The results of your session will be sent to the Office of Financial Aid for processing.


  5. Perkins Entrance Counseling
  6. Complete your Perkins Loan Entrance Counseling online. Your Perkins Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Disclosure Statement will be mailed to your home.


  7. Graduate PLUS Entrance Counseling
  8. Graduate students applying for a Direct PLUS must complete the federally required entrance counseling.


  9. A Sample Loan Repayment Chart
  10. View a sample loan repayment chart to see what your loan payment could be at different loan debt levels.


  11. Direct Loan Exit Counseling
  12. As a federal student loan borrower, you must participate in "exit counseling" prior to graduation. For your convenience, you can fulfill your federal counseling requirements right here online in the comfort of your dorm room, home, or anywhere! The results of your counseling session will be sent to your financial aid office for processing.


  13. Perkins Loan Exit Counseling
  14. Perkins Loan borrowers are required by federal regulations to complete Perkins Exit Counseling upon graduation or withdrawal from college. Learn your rights and responsibilities with the Perkins Loan program.


  15. Graduate PLUS Exit Counseling
  16. Complete your Graduate PLUS Loan exit counseling here.


  17. Websites for Federal Loan Borrowers
  18. Some additional web links with information for federal loan borrowers.