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Celebrating Excellence Dinner

At the beginning of the fall semester, William Smith College celebrates the beginning of the academic year and the anniversary of the first time William Smith College opened its doors in September of 1908. The Celebrating Excellence Dinner is also dedicated to recognizing the achievements of remarkable William Smith women and to inducting the new members of the Laurel Honor Society, the sophomore/junior honor society.

Peer Mentor Program

The newest version of the William Smith big sister/little sister program, Sidekicks provides an opportunity for upper class students to welcome and meet first-year women. Through the program, upper class students can be a mentor and friend, and first-year students re-energize upper class students with their enthusiasm and excitement.

Dean's Dinner

The William Smith Deans’ Dinner is a semi-formal dinner dedicated to welcoming the first-year class. This event allows first-years to sit and converse with a faculty member or one upper-class woman leader to answer questions and hear about their experience at William Smith over orientation weekend. This event welcomes and unites the William Smith first-year class by introducing the first-years to the Colleges, deans, faculty and fellow classmates, before classes begin on Monday morning.

Founder's Day

Each year, William Smith students come together to pay tribute to William Smith, founder of the College. After dinner, distinguished alumnae speakers share their experiences both while at William Smith and after graduation.

Famous Women’s Dinner

To celebrate Women’s History Month, the William Smith Dean’s Office sponsors the Famous Women’s Dinner. William Smith students dress in costume and appear at the dinner in character as famous women throughout history. During the dinner, each student gives a brief dramatic introduction to her character. Past famous women have included Cleopatra, Eva Peron, Queen Elizabeth I, Sojourner Truth and many more.

Sophomore Spring Forward

The Sophomore Spring Forward is an event that celebrates the achievements of the HWS sophomore classes. At this dinner, outstanding sophomores are recognized and the declaration of the academic major(s) is acknowledged.

Moving-Up Day

Moving Up Day is a ceremony that acknowledges academic awards given to students of William Smith, inducts the new members of the Hai Timiai Honor Society, and recognizes each class as they move up to the next. Students gather at the top of the William Smith Hill and proceed to the event as part of this annual tradition. Students are encouraged to wear their class colors to this event to display their class membership. This traditional event allows students to celebrate one another’s achievements over the past year.



2013 - red - respect and passion
2014 - green - fidelity and friendship
2015 - blue - faith and hope
2016 - yellow - loyalty and joy

William Smith Deans

Milton Haight Turk

Anne Dudley Blitz

Marianna Woodhull

Mrs. Barbour Walker

Faye Huntington Klyver

Mary Ellen McCormick
(became Mary McCormick Scott-Craig)

Helen B. Heath

Marjorie Jackson

Mary Lou Thibeault

Marjorie Cloutier

Christine A. Young

Madeleine Grumet

Rebecca M. Fox

Debra K. DeMeis

Cerri Banks

Susanne McNally

Catherine Gallouët