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Kent '14 Teaching with AmeriCorps

In August, Lindsay Kent '14 headed to New York City to begin working with AmeriCorps as a Blue Engine Teaching Assistant (BETA). The Blue Engine program works with five public high schools that serve low-income communities to prepare students for post-secondary success after they graduate from high school. "I decided to participate in AmeriCorps because I wanted to utilize the skills I learned at...
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Community Based Literacy Workshop

The Center for Community Engagement and Service-Learning (CCESL) and The Syracuse University Mary Ann Shaw Center for Public and Community Service (Shaw Center) will present an interactive workshop on Community Based Literacy Tutoring Initiatives on Friday, Nov. 21. The workshop is a collaboration of the two institutions and New York Campus Compact, a regional roundtable that seeks to share ideas...
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TurboVote Tracks, Boost Campus Voting

Through TurboVote, HWS has been helping students register to vote and engage consistently with the democratic process. In 2012, HWS Votes began working with TurboVote, a project of the nonpartisan 501(c)(3) nonprofit Democracy Works, to provide students with registration information and opportunities, including absentee ballots, and "make it easy for students and younger people to exercise civic ...
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October Day of Service

The second Day of Service of the academic year will take place on Saturday, Oct. 18. Continuing the theme of food, hunger and justice adopted for the service learning component of Orientation, participants will return to the Colleges' Fribolin Farm and the Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church to resume efforts with community gardening, in addition to providing much-needed assistance at a number of...
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Corson '16 Works with City, Town

Simon Corson '16 is collaborating with the City and the Town of Geneva on a project the two municipalities have embarked on to assess shared services and find ways to drive down costs and improve efficiency. The project serves as a community-based research project for Corson, who will present his findings at a joint meeting between the City and the Town of Geneva. "I hope that the City and Town c...
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