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This is a professional proposal. It MUST be proofread and error free! Please submit your proposal by Friday, November 8, 2013 at noon.


The Pitch Application:





Class Year:

E-mail Address:

Phone Number:

Permanent Address:

I am available on March 12 to compete in The Pitch. Finalists must be available for the final Pitch event.



I have not received any outside funding or investments to support this idea. Ideas that have received outside funds in excess of $10,000 are not eligible for The Pitch.



I have had my proposal proofread by a writing fellow. Writing fellows are available through the Center for Teaching and Learning.



I have submitted a Dean's Approval form and a Signed Waiver form. Applicants that are not in good academic standing are not eligible.



I have read and agree to the
Pitch rules and waiver.



Eight Goals

Requirement #1 Proposal Description
Describe your product, service, startup or organization.

Requirement #2 Leadership Role
How are you an entrepreneurial leader? What is your role within the proposal?

Requirement #3 Potential Impact
How does your idea solve a problem, create a change or address an issue? How does it add value?

Requirement #4 Leadership Ethics
Consider the ethical dilemmas you might face as a leader. What ethical practices will you employ?

Requirement #5 Cost Structure
What are your costs? How will you generate funding (outside of the $10,000) to sustain your idea?

Requirement #6 Implementation Timeline
What are the steps you will take to implement your idea? How is your proposal action-ready?

Requirement #7 Marketing Strategy
Who are your competitors? Your target audience? How will you market your idea?

Requirement #8 Viability Research
What research supports the viability of your idea? What evidence suggests your idea will work?



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The Pitch Documents

2013 Pitch Brochure

2013-2014 Deadlines

2013-2014 Application

2013-2014 Rules and Waiver

2012-2013 Proposal Rubric

Dean's Approval Form



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