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The Centennial Center provides a learning-centered environment, which develops global, community and entrepreneurial leaders who are grounded in the Colleges’ core values of equity and service. The Centennial Center prepares students, alumnae, alumni, and greater community to lead in the 21st Century.


We believe leadership encompasses leaders, followers and context.  We believe that leadership can be learned. We believe leadership is a relational process where an individual or individuals work with others towards a common goal that benefits a local or global community. We believe that leadership is striving for sustainable change with significant implications. We believe in innovation that adds value and intellectual growth. We believe in value-based leadership. We believe that ethical decision-making should be firmly embedded in leadership practice. We believe in social justice, equity and service. We believe that reflection is at the core of an effective leader. We believe that engaging within and across difference leads to culturally-relevant leadership. We believe leadership is inherently rooted in action. And finally, we believe leadership is a lifelong process of leading self, leading others and leadership in action.


  1. Provide the opportunity to study leadership in a liberal arts context through interdisciplinary lenses.
  2. Provide applied leadership learning experiences.
  3. Support the development of ethical, value-based, and culturally relevant leaders.
  4. Support the development of leadership skills.
  5. Support the mission of the Colleges.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop the knowledge of theoretical concepts of leadership.
  • Develop a set of core values & belief systems.
  • Develop a practice self-reflection.
  • Develop skills for innovative problem-solving.
  • Develop skills for ethical decision-making.
  • Develop techniques for communicating effectively.
  • Develop capacity for critical analysis.
  • Develop capacity to apply theoretical concepts.
  • Develop cultural and intercultural competencies.

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