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Leadership Institute

What's new?

  • Student choice: With dozens of sessions to pick from, participants can choose which areas they feel they most need to reflect on, grow in, or practice.
  • Home Groups: Created as a result of student input, these student-facilitated, small group sessions give participants a chance to talk through their own leadership challenges and build relationships with their peers.
  • Action Plans: Through a guided reflection process in the Home Group sessions, participants will identify a goal and use the workshops during the conference to gain the tools that can help them achieve it. Students will walk away from the Institute with a goal and defined steps to achieving it.
  • Themes/Tracks: Over the course of the weekend workshops, keynotes and home-group sessions will address the themes of Leading Self, Leading Others and Leadership in Action. Workshop sessions will also be grouped in a tracks system, participants can elect to follow the Entrepreneurial Leadership, Global Leadership, Community Leadership or Leadership Development track.

Designed for student leaders from all levels of experience, the Leadership Institute (LI) brings participants together for a two-and-a-half day professional conference. LI looks to develop young leaders who are globally aware, community centric and capable of leadership with significant implications.