Beyond Borders

What is it?

Beyond Borders is the Centennial Center’s global leadership program. Combining international development and leadership studies, this program aims to equip future leaders with the tools to tackle some of the most pressing global issues. In this program, HWS students work alongside students from Stellenbosch University’s Frederik Van Zyl Slabbert Institute for Leadership Development in South Africa, to examine the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and propose recommendations for addressing those challenges. Students receive full credit by working with a faculty advisor through an independent study.

Who is eligible?

Beyond Borders is open to any interested HWS juniors and seniors.

Where is it located?

Students meet every week at the Centennial Center for facilitated discussions. Our students from Stellenbosch University also participate in the sessions virtually.

When is the program offered?

The program is offered every spring semester. Recruitment for the Beyond Borders occurs during the Fall semester and students will be selected in time to register for classes. Please e-mail Solomé Rose for more info at


Applications can be found under the Documents section on our Collegiate Link webpage.


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