Akilah Browne

Major: Media & Society
Minors: Writing Colleague Program and Public Policy
Activities: Sankofa, Hip-NotiQ's, Commission on Inclusive Excellence, Social Justice Collective
Fun Fact: I taught Hip-Hop and step in South Africa when I went abroad in spring 2009.
Favorite Disney Character: Tigger

Kate Cottrell

Major: Philosophy
Minors: Greek and Cognition, Logic and Language
Activities: The Circle, HWS Votes, Special Olympics
Fun Fact: I'm related to Davy Crockett (on my mother's side).
Favorite Disney Character: Alice

Shanelle France

Major: Africana Studies
Minor: Education; Teacher Certification Program (Elementary Gen and Special Ed)
Activities: Resident Assistant, Neighbor's Night Volunteer Coordinator, Glee Club
Fun Fact: I'm a barista at OPUS.
Favorite Disney Character: Meeko (raccoon from Pocahontas)

Lindsey Hagan

Major: Psychology
Minors: Education and Child Advocacy
Activities: America Reads, HWS Leads, Civic Leader of Literacy, Zumba
Fun Fact: I traveled to China in July 2010 to work with families, educators, and individuals impacted by autism and I'm returning in January to continue!
Favorite Disney Character: Dory (Finding Nemo)

Christa Levesque

Major: French and Francophone Studies
Minor: Religious Studies (I'm also in the Education and MAT programs)
Activities: Close Knit, Singing in St. Peter's Mixed Choir, Campus Peer Ministry, Episcopal Fellowship Club
Fun Fact: I studied abroad in Senegal and took Karate for the first time in my life! I also sang with an African Gospel Choir!
Favorite Disney Character: Belle from Beauty and the Beast

Josephina (JoJo) Ragon

Major: Media & Society and Women's Studies
Minors: French and Francophone Studies and Peer Education in Human Relations
Activities: Women's Collective, NARAL Pro-Choice and PRIDE Alliance
Fun Fact: I was a girl scout in France when I studied abroad as a junior in high school.
Favorite Disney Character: Since I was little, I was always Belle's biggest fan

Samantha Strachen

Major:International Human Rights
Minor: Religious Studies
Activities: HWS Human Rights Collective, STAND: Anti-Genocide Student Coalition, Americans for Informed Democracy, Campus Peer Ministry, Colleges Against Cancer/Relay For Life
Fun Fact: I went on a month-long cross-country road trip around the United States with my family.
Favorite Disney Character: Ariel

Joanna (JoJo) Vinick

Major: Media & Society
Minor: Religious Studies
Activities: President of Campus Activities Board, Admissions Tour Guide, Homecoming and Family Weekend Committee, Greek Week Committee, Resident of the Arts and Social Change Theme House, Co-facilitator of the Boiling Points Series
Fun Fact: I am a transfer student. And very, very proud of it.
Favorite Disney Character: Flounder

Amanda Ward

Major: International Social Justice and Political Science
Minor: English
Activities: HWS Votes, Americans for an Informed Democracy, HWS Human Rights Collective, Rotaract, STAND: Anti-Genocide Student Association, HWS Responds
Fun Fact: I have traveled to 19 different countries.
Favorite Disney Character: Jasmine

Deirdre Wholly

Major: Chemistry
Minor: French and Francophone Studies
Activities: French and Francophone Club, Chemistry Teaching Fellow, Episcopal Club, Learn to Lead
Fun Fact: I have biked around and swam across Seneca Lake.
Favorite Disney Character: Rafiki


Members for both honor societies are selected based on their scholarship, leadership, character and service.

Typically, they are women who have made a strong commitment to William Smith College and have helped to create a sense of community among the women of the community.

For more information about joining the societies, contact the William Smith Dean’s Office at (315) 781-3467.


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