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Hobart Dean and Student

The mission of the Hobart Dean's Office is to guide and assist each Hobart student to reach his fullest potential as a Hobart Statesman during his years at the College. Hobart College for men was founded in 1822 by Bishop John Henry Hobart. As we approach the bicentennial of the College, we take pride in our long-standing traditions and especially in knowing young men and what it takes to help them meet the ever-changing challenges of higher education.

We are easily accessible and encourage every Hobart student to introduce himself to us. We know the entire campus and its resources well and can assist students with any question they may have. While most of our work focuses on monitoring and advising individual students on matters of academic progress, we are always mindful of each student's larger history and aspiration toward a successful future and welcome an opportunity to discuss issues of concern with parents.

The office also serves as curator of venerable Hobart traditions and as advisor to the Hobart Student Government and the Hobart honor societies. The deans work to integrate academic, social, and personal aspects of student life by creating programs like the pre-orientation adventure program, learning communities, men's lives series, sophomore forums and similar programs that are aimed at the whole person.

"Hobart College" Stands for Success

"Hobart College" stands for success for men of all walks of life. The deans welcome a chance to get to know students from different backgrounds and to introduce them to the global world of Hobart Statesmen. Everything we do is aimed at making it possible for students to take full advantage of a "Hobart Experience" and the life of consequence it stands for. Thousands of Hobart alums nationally and around the world stay connected to the College and are an inestimable resource moving the College forward.


Welcoming the Classes of 2021

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Benjamin Hale Event Welcomes Stephens ’00

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Capraro Publishes Men’s Studies Essay

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Recognizing Academic Excellence

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Charter Day Honors Hobart Heritage

Res21506Gathering in annual fashion to celebrate the history and heritage of Hobart College, students, alums, deans and other members of the HWS community convened at St. John’s Chapel for the…
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Hobart Dean’s Office
Smith Hall, First Floor
Phone: (315) 781-3300
Email: HobartDean@hws.edu
Hours: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday


Eugen Baer

Eugen Baer, Dean of the College

Dean Baer is responsible for the overall care of each Hobart student. As a member of the Dean’s Council he oversees policies, services, initiatives, and support staff of the College. He is the face of the College at major events, and advisor to the Hobart Student Government and Orange Key honor society. Dean Baer is a professor of philosophy who enjoys giving courses in Semiotics and Kant. He received his PhD from Yale University in 1971 and has been a member of the HWS faculty since then. Dean Baer is the author of eight books and numerous articles in the field of semiotics and spirituality. He was born in Switzerland, where he returns annually on lecture tours

Chip Capraro

Rocco L. "Chip" Capraro, Dean of Studies

Rocco "Chip" Capraro is Dean of the Studies at the College. He joined the HWS community in 1981 as a professor in the history department and a few years later was appointed as a Hobart dean. Chip is dean for Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors at Hobart. He coordinates the Committee on Standards and is the founding director of Men's Lives, a series of four required workshops for Hobart students focusing on sexual assault prevention, health and wellness, careers, and diversity among men. He is also adviser to Bampton House and Chimera, the Hobart heritage and honors house and the junior honor society, respectively. Chip teaches a variety of courses in cultural studies, including such areas as: rock music and gender, golf course architectural history, history and sociology, men and masculinity, and the emotional life of wealth. He earned his BA in history and philosophy from Colgate University and his Ph. D. in British and European history from Washington University. Chip served on the Geneva City Council for a number of years. He is the father of two adult sons and he lives in Geneva with his wife, photographer Jan Regan.

David Mapstone

David Mapstone ’93, Dean of First-Year Students

Dean Mapstone works primarily with first-year and continuing first-year students. He develops strong individual relationships with students as well as coordinating a variety of universal programs in his approach to help young men make a successful transition to Hobart College. Dean Mapstone directs the first-year Learning Community Program, the Pre-Orientation Adventure Program, the Back on Track academic support program, and the Short-Term summer study abroad program in Wales. Mapstone serves on the Individual Majors Committee, the Accreditation Steering Committee, the Committee on Athletics, serves as the advisor to the Druid Society, and is engaged in research on college athletics, student-athlete identity, and youth sport culture. He lives with his wife, Kara, William Smith ’92, and three children at Mapleton Farm, a small sustainable farm just east of Geneva

Roberta Whitwood

Roberta Whitwood, Assistant to the Dean

Roberta is the general assistant to the dean and office supervisor. She assists students, parents, faculty and staff on academic policies and procedures, and is office representative to the Division of Campus Life meetings. With a B.S. degree in Organizational Management, she is more than qualified for the role of coordinator of the Hobart matriculation ceremony, Ben Hale award dinner, and Charter Day. She supervises academic review and assists with the Committee on Standards. Roberta and husband, Walt, are the parents of three adult sons, and grandparents of five. They own and operate Seneca Vegetables, a research and development company in Hall.

Kelly Crawford

Kelly Crawford, Administrative Support Assistant

Kelly Crawford has over 11 years of experience working at HWS. She currently serves as the administrative support assistant for the Hobart Deans. Kelly has a degree in business administration with applied science. One of her responsibilities includes coordination of the Honor Societies. Kelly believes that establishing positive and effective working relationships with faculty, students, and parents is a priority and she enjoys those interactions on a daily basis.



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