Spring 2015 Courses

This program consists of a combination of special courses taught for the group and regular university courses. All students will take two required courses:

Contemporary Irish Culture and Society (1 credit)
This course, an interdisciplinary survey designed to give students insight into important historical events and processes that have shaped Irish culture and society, is organized and taught by faculty from the Centre for Irish Studies at NUIG. A series of excursions are linked to this course and will serve to illustrate key themes and topics.

Spring 2015 Director's Seminar: The Social History of Irish Pubs: The Role of "a pint of plain" in Local Economic Development (1 credit)
The pub has long been a focal point of social life in Ireland and has become both an important tourist attraction and an "export," with "authentic" Irish pubs found throughout the world. However, in recent years the pub industry and pub culture has been threatened by Ireland's severe economic decline and other social trends. In this course, students will explore the issue of local economic development, drawing on the economics of tourism, "beeronomics," and important socio-cultural and political aspects of Ireland to explain the role of the pub in the local economy. In this way, Ireland can be used as a laboratory for understanding economic theory and that theory's explanation of local economic development.

Elective Courses (2 courses/2 credits)
In addition, students will select two electives from the regular NUIG catalogue. Following are examples of courses taken by students on previous programs. Consult the NUIG website for further details on course offerings: NUIG website.

Introduction to Northern Irish Politics Feminist Thought Shakespearean Comedies
Short Plays of Samuel Beckett Women in Irish Society Climatology
Drama and Theatre Studies Gaelic Language Scottish Short Stories
Church and State in Ireland Contemp. Irish Poetry The English Language in Ireland
Anatomy and Physiology Irish Art Irish Famine in a European Perspective
Medieval Ireland 5th-9th Centuries  



  • This program is offered every semester.
  • Applications are available at the Center for Global Education.
  • Applications are due at the CGE office on a selected date in October (for fall programs) and March (for spring programs).
  • For specific date contact the CGE.

NOTE: The information above is subject to change. Please see the CGE for more information.