Pichardo ’15, Helfrich Design a School

Since the spring, Jericsson Pichardo '15 and Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Joel Helfrich have worked on a project to help the nearby Rochester City School District (RCSD) open a new public school, the Rochester River School. Its curriculum will draw from that being developed by the Institute for Humane Education for schools it plans to open in New York City in two years, as well as...  More >>

Kent '14 Teaching with AmeriCorps

In August, Lindsay Kent '14 headed to New York City to begin working with AmeriCorps as a Blue Engine Teaching Assistant (BETA). The Blue Engine program works with five public high schools that serve low-income communities to prepare students for post-secondary success after they graduate from high school. "I decided to participate in AmeriCorps because I wanted to utilize the skills I learned at...  More >>

Temple Completes Project in Armenia

Professor of Education Charles Temple recently took his third, 10-day trip to Yerevan, Armenia, to complete a two-year project for USAID. The project, "Better Instruments for Literacy Instruction," was conducted in conjunction with the Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking International Consortium (www.rwctic.org) and the Step by Step Benevolent Association of Armenia. Temple is the co-founde...  More >>

Teachers Support HWS Future Teachers

The HWS Coalition for Educational Equity (CEE) will host its first welcome event of the fall semester on Monday, Sept. 15 for any students interested in learning more about education or educational policy. The evening event, called "Teachers Supporting Future Teachers," will introduce students to local educators over a free dinner in the Scandling Campus Center Faculty Dining Room, beginning at 5...  More >>

Kaijage ’02 Invites Temple to Speak

This spring, Professor of Education Charles Temple participated in a discussion on the "Future of Education in Tanzania," which was sponsored by the Friends of Tanzania (FOT) and the Tanzania Association of D.C., Maryland and Virginia. Temple was invited by the event's moderator and member of the organizing committee, Karumuna Kaijage '02, an independent international development consultant who s...  More >>